Saturday, 28 May 2011

Love a good bandwagon.

So I have seen quite a few blogs recently that have lists of life goals they'd like to accomplish, usually 30 things before 30. Or you could be really ambitious like my buddy Anide and have 111 things to do in 2011! As I'm quite good at sitting around doing nothing, I'm not so brave as to attempt the 111... so I'll just have to settle for 30 things to accomplish before I turn 30 (which is coming a bit too soon for my liking)! 

So here goes...

Japanese Spitz puppies
  1. Finish PhD (duh)
  2. Go to the Amazon Rainforest
  3. Meet my sponsor kid in Ethiopia
  4. Get a Japanese Spitz puppy - they are so cute!
  5. Learn to play Für Elise on the piano - one of my most favourite songs ever
  6. Get at least 5 journal articles of my research published in decent scientific journals
  7. Get my driver's licence (though I'm pretty sure Husband would like this one to be on a list of 1 thing to do in 1 week haha)
  8. Swim at the beach - I had to get rescued by a lifesaver (embarrasing!) a few years ago when a bunch of us got caught in some suddenly awful surf conditions. I have not really gone in the water at the beach since - which is a shame because there are so many beaches around Sydney!
  9. Finish my honeymoon collage and put up in a frame. I have actually bought the frame now so that's a start!
  10. Read all the books I've bought but never read. Once I found this website, this became a bit of an issue with constant book buying!
  11. Go to New York - well I had to add some stuff I knew I could cross off soon!
  12. Get my lip pierced (sorry Mum)
  13. See another musical. I saw Wicked a few years ago and enjoyed myself a lot more than I expected! I might be going to see Mary Poppins on Broadway in NYC :)
  14. Dye my hair purple again (it wasn't fully purple but had big streaks)
  15. Give up caffeine for at least a month
  16. Wear my Banana/Hazmat coat out in public??
  17. Visit another castle (I would live in a castle if I could!)
  18. Visit all the museums at my uni. There are several, and I've only been to one - the anatomy museum which was VERY cool. 
  19. Go to Questacon in Canberra - we went for a trip in school and it was great!
  20. Enrol (and complete) more Greek lessons
  21. Actually start and complete the couch-to-5K running program
  22. Speak in a fake accent for the whole day (suggestions on which accent...?)
  23. Go to the snow
  24. Make a roast dinner from scratch
  25. Give $50 to this busker I see all the time who is actually really good (I've seen him at least a couple of times a week for a few years, I keep telling myself I'll give him money one day and never do)
  26. Help out at a homeless shelter or similar
  27. ...?
  28. ...?
  29. ...?
  30. Punch dance out my rage: see below for inspiration

So I've left a few blank - it is quite hard coming up with so many!

Please give me some suggestions?

P.S. Feel free to share in the comments a link to your blog post about your goals list!
P.P.S. I have now added a page of 30 before 30. So please check back THERE to see which ones I cross off, and any additions.


  1. Hehehe I love number 30 - Footloose!

    Wear the coat! I won't laugh!! :)


    Ok, where do I start?.... I guess by saying I think 'ambitious' can definitely be replaced with 'over-ambitions' or as I like to call it 'just plain stupid'. :D

    4. They are cute, but boy, you better get real handy with a brush, cause that is all you will be doing in your spare time :D

    5. My sister can play this on Piano. Well she could when she was younger. I could play the first few bars...then repeat. haha. And I was killer at chopsticks! haha
    - I am a moonlight sonata fan myself. Even after I was told 'eww that's like a death march song'. haha.

    8. That's funny (not so much Haha funny - drowning is not funny). But I had the same issue, but mine was because I had a stingray barb go through my toe at a beach down the coast where a local boat shed guy said "there ain't nothin' in there that could sting ya"...... well, I see a stingray about the size of 3 large pizzas out the back every time I am down there. - I didn't go back into the water for about a year, and only went when I was in Miami and refused to put my feet on the ground (which is how I got stung). haha.

    10. That website kills me EVERY TIME!

    11. Haha. I totally cheated like that too. haha

    13. I'm seeing Mary Poppins next month! Would be awesome on broadway though! (but wasn't a massive fan of Wicked though :( - maybe because I read the book first and it was very different. And the ending just pi$$ed me off in the show).

    14. OoOo! I love hair colouring!

    15. God help you with this one.

    16. Aww I like the coat!

    17. I LOVE CASTLES TOO!!! While in Europe, I was over churches after the 3rd one. But the castles I could not get sick of. Did you go to Tower of London? Did they have King Henry 8th's armour and things there? - We are headed to Dracula's castle this year. Should be.... interesting. haha

    19. I really liked Questacon too!!!!!!!!!! haha

    22. I suggest South African. Because you can get away with it a lot easier than other accents. Haha. Plus I like the way they talk. :D
    According to my friends I have the 'Foreign Accent Syndrome' where I will just speak with an accent randomly. sadly I will admit I do, do this. So you can just blame this if you get caught! haha

    30. Oh my goshness! I saw a guy do something like this on Australia's got talent and was like ".................................................." haha. I think you should start this as the new 'Zumba'.

    • Go camping / road tripping / touring etc
    • Join a club/organisztion. Stick with it for at least a month (doesn't count if they only meet up once a month haha)
    • Survive the 2012 apocalypse. This one is great as you don't need to do anything to achieve it, and if you do not, well, no one will care. Haha.
    • (not really a good one for the 'before you're 30' deal but go by a name other than your own for a day/weel. (princess consuila Banana Hammock .... haha.... that will only be funny if you have seen the episode of Friends..... )


    Crap Bag. ahahaha!!!

  4. Hehe South African might be a good one!

    LOL yes I have seen that friends episode (much to Husband's annoyance I got the whole set and watched it every day until I'd finished it hahaha).

  5. I saw this and needed to share:

    You can thank me later. :D

  6. WOW. Just - WOW. Hahaha. Punch dancing just may take off yet.

  7. 27 through 29 are priceless :)

    And I was going along fine with your list until I saw punch dancing. I Googled it and still don't get it. Why not just punch a bunch of people and get it over with? Heck, if you wanna dance while punching somebody out I think that would make more sense than just punching the air. Of course, that's just my way of thinking.

  8. Yay! I love lists! Also, I just dyed my hair purple! Despite the fact that in most areas of my life I love change, it always takes me a few days to decide how I feel about hair change, haha. I love it now, though. It's fun and children have the best reactions.

  9. I love the fact you have a FRIENDS reference on your (updated) list. *nod* I love you. That is all. (Also, rad list!)


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