Saturday, 7 May 2011

Marking on a Saturday - BLERGH.

So this semester I have been involved in teaching two courses - a Forensic Psychology course for Criminology Masters, and also 2nd year undergraduate Psych. It just so happens both had their major assignments due within a week of each other. So guess what I get to do on my weekends. Well actually at the moment the answer is procrastinate, of course. 

The one thing that has opened my eyes from marking though, is the variety of students that take the courses. When you're actually doing a course you really can only go by how much effort you're putting in to your assignments. So it's interesting to see the range of assignments from intimidatingly awesome (where I feel like they should be marking MY work, not the other way around), and unfortunately to the other end of the spectrum - laughably horrendous. I of course don't go into marking hoping to laugh, but sometimes it's either that or cry out of frustration. Year after year I go into a LOT of detail about what I'm expecting from the assignments, and year after year there are people who just don't listen to me and do it all wrong. So perhaps now you can understand why I'm off to sweep, do the washing, and whatever other chores I can think of!

This comic sums it up pretty nicely (click to enlarge)!

I applaud you if you actually stuck around for that whole gripe of mine. I'll write about something more interesting next time, I promise (well actually it's subjective as to whether you'd find it interesting but I can only hope hey)!

UPDATE: 3pm, lots of cleaning done, not so much on the marking however. Oops.


  1. Ohhh, that sounds painful. At least the semester is almost over, right?? I found you on Weekend Wander...hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Haha! I felt sorry for everyone of my teachers throughout highschool.

    Although the way I see it is that I was ALWAYS last on the pile and by then they were so frustrated with everyone else's that they just automatically gave me bad marks. It had NOTHING to do with my not listening in class. NOTHING!

    I wish you luck. :D

  3. Actually, I found this very interesting. Most college students don't give a second (or even a first) thought to what kind of crap their professors go through every semester. (I know I didn't.) Thanks for giving us a glimpse into what it's like.


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