Monday, 23 May 2011


I've been a bit slack in getting around to this, but I've been nominated for two blog awards!

Thanks very much to both and also Sunny for saying I am:

I appreciate it! :) So I am supposed to say random facts about myself and nominate other people now. The numbers are all confusing and seem to differ, so I am (bending the rules sorry and) picking 3 of each. So the three facts are:

1. Although I (mostly) don't believe it will happen, I still like to be prepared for a zombie apocalypse just in case. I've already figured out where a good safe place would be (either lab at uni due to secure access, or a hardware store due to all the potential weapons).

2. When we were little I was jealous that my sister had an imaginary friend (it was a chameleon) and I didn't - even though I suppose I could have just imagined one for myself!

3. I just love stationary. Often I don't even use a lot of the things I buy, but if they're colourful I just like looking at them!

Ok as for the 3 people...

* Update June 1st: the fantastic blogger over at iNeed a Playdate nominated me for the 'Who to Hang with Award' which she made up herself! Awesome :)

** Update June 8th & 9th: both Kelly from elegantly academic (check out her blog, it's great!) and the lovely Kirsti from A Quick Succession of Busy Nothings (very funny) have also nominated me for the sunshine award:

I will come back and add more facts and nominate people when I can think of some... honest!


  1. Hi L, thanks so much for the mention. That is so very super sweet of you.

    btw - Your answers are hilarious. Be sure to let me know the location of the zombie arsenal lab. lol just in case.

    Bella Vida by Letty

    Have a great night.

  2. Fact #2 was SUPER hilarious!!! Very cute :)

    And I love beautiful stationary too... I just don't get many opportunities to use it. One day, I'd like to have quill pens and wax seals as well because there's just something very artistic and romantic about it all. *sigh* The very thought of perfumed paper makes my sentimental heart almost flutter.

    ... I said ALMOST :D


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