Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Productive June Starts TOMORROW!

So May was particularly unproductive in the first year of my PhD (that's sooo 2009, but anyway). Only being 2 months in, I thought that I'd be still madly reading and coming up with awesome ideas for my thesis, but the procrastination had already set in. Another PhD buddy and I even bought a whole-year pass to the uni gym as a way to get out of the office. Bad news is we procrastinated from that too and actually wasted a lot of money by not really going ever. Oops.

So as a way to get back on track, 'Productive June' was born. Basically this meant we put up propaganda posters to try and motivate/guilt us to do more work. It wasn't overly successful - because mostly we spent June making posters and running around to see if other people were being productive. Yet it somehow stuck. Last year was yet another 'successful' Productive June.

This May has actually been (well mostly) productive for me (read: me going AAARGH and running around like a crazy person because of all the deadlines I had to meet). So hopefully that will spill over into June. At the very least, the conference at the end of June (in NYC woo!) will be good. 

So without further ado, behold my propaganda posters (and mad putting text over clip art skillZ) - feel free to use them if you also need to be guilted into doing work this June.

Click to enlarge; Feel free to use these (with credit)

Any creative Productive June slogans you can think of? Let me know and I might make more posters (after I've finished being super-productive, of course)! :)


  1. Ha, this post made me smile :) I am SUCH a procrastinator. It just comes naturally. Perhaps I will also designate June as productive month :)

  2. Awesome posters :) that is sensational!

  3. haha those posters are so perfect! Don't you love how we think that drinking lots of coffee somehow makes us focus better? (maybe it does for you, but... not for me. It just makes me take more bathroom breaks, and then once I get back to my desk it takes me 30 minutes to refocus again. awesome.)

  4. To do lists are for losers.
    Start writing your Done list!
    (actually don't write any lists, they are unproductiveness disguised as organizational tools!)

    :D - Cheap, bad..... just bad. Hey! Im feeling sick and miserable this week so its the best I can do! haha.

  5. Productive June sounds good, I just get side tracked in so many directions. Good luck with your June goals.

    Bella Vida by Letty

  6. Love the posters!

    And don't feel bad about the gym membership. I've actually done that MORE than once. Now when I pay a company and fail to show up, I just call it a "donation."


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