Monday, 16 May 2011


original moustache-free pic here
On the bus to uni today a girl got on who was dressed like she was from the 1930s*. It was awesome, and I immediately thought I should be friends with this girl, because she must be interesting.

However, I did not talk to her; I've had my fair share of experiences of bus weirdos, so I don't want to be a bus weirdo myself!

It did make me think though about how difficult it is to befriend people in adulthood. Everyone is very busy with their own lives, and often already have 'enough' friends. I know I don't make it easy for strangers to talk to me!

What would you do? Would you talk to strangers if you thought they looked interesting or would you think that's weird? ...If I tried to talk to you on the bus would you think I was a looney??

*I've added this pic of Angelina Jolie because she is kind of dressed like how my bus friend was. I however don't care much for her, hence the moustache.


  1. I really think I'm too shy to talk to people I don't know without some kind of introduction first. I see so many people I would love to just go up and meet, but simply stay in my own shy spot and move on. I really think I'm afraid of what people will say or think about me.

    I think this is probably why I don't have very many friends. I am too shy to meet people and sometime even to shy to ask friends I already have if they want to hang out. I really want to get over that someday. I act all outgoing, but I'm so insecure!

    Simply Kate

  2. I have much the same problem as Kate - I see people that I'd like to talk to, but I'm far too shy to do so. And to be honest, I'd probably think you were a crazy person - I've had FAR too many encounters with crazy toothless bogans on the Canberra bus system!! ;)

    Oh, and thanks for stopping by my blog :)

  3. To be honest, I get tremendously annoyed when strangers attempt to "chat me up" so I carry newspapers, magazines, and writing materials with me wherever I go in order to have an excuse to not make eye contact. I like existing inside of my little bubble of peace and solitude and prefer that it not be bursted by the sound a random human's chatter. Needless to say, making friends is not my strong point.


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