Monday, 2 May 2011

The Day I Met My Husband

In honour of our 6 month-aversary yesterday (which was very nice by the way) I thought I would get a bit lovey-dovey here (I'll wait while you vomit - also feel free to skip down to the end of this post where I have a section for you cynical types) and talk about the day I first met Husband. 

The actual first time we met was in line for school photos in year 12. Husband has a twin (identical), and Twin was friends with my friend so we were all in line chatting. I couldn't tell them apart, and Husband doesn't actually remember this. So we don't really count this one. Anyway, a bit later I ended up becoming friends with Twin.

One day I went to visit Twin with another friend. Husband came down the stairs in daggy track pants, saw me and had a quick chat. He then disappeared and came back having changed clothes, and his hair all done, which I thought a little odd. Twin was busy doing boring computer stuff with our other friend, so Husband decided to entertain me. He was trying hard to impress me, but he certainly went about it the wrong way with lots of boasting and other weird behaviour. One example is that he said my arms were beefy but in a good way - which somehow was supposed to be a complement!? This was not a successful ploy as I ended up thinking he was a goober. He then proceeded to ask for my phone number 'in case he needed to contact his twin'. Subtle.

When it was time to go home, it was dark and I had to walk. Twin not-so-gallantly said 'see ya' and left me to go on my way. Husband instead decided to walk me home (the first of many walks together), which was the first proper glimpse I got of how sweet he is.

When I got home he ICQ'd me (old chat program if you're too young to have heard of it): 
H: "You like me don't you, I know it."
L: "I wouldn't say that."
H: "What would you say?"
L: "I don't find you repulsive."
He took that to mean he was in. 

I can definitely say it was not love at first sight, but more a gradual wearing down of my resistance haha. I really didn't make it easy for him, but I am certainly glad he made the effort. Awww.

P.S. For those who think love stinks - this song is for you
P.P.S. Since I subjected you to my lovey-dovey story, feel free to tell me yours! I promise I won't vomit (much).


  1. That was a very cute story. I love your response: "I don't find u repulsive" lol

  2. haha! "I don't find you repulsive" made me laugh!

  3. Aw, man, ICQ! Haven't heard anybody mention that in AGES!!! I tried it back when I was in college and didn't like it, so I stuck to AOL instant messenger.

    Cute story, by the way. I'm a "closet romantic," thus I appreciated it greatly... And the fact that it wasn't OVERLY mushy :)

    Oh, and I nominated you for an award. Feel free to drop by and pick it up when you get the chance.



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