30 Before 30

Original Post: Love a good bandwagon. Since I've now turned 30, check this post to see my final update on how many items I completed.  
Japanese Spitz puppies
  1. Finish PhD Thesis: completed 31st Jan, 2013
  2. Go to the Amazon Rainforest
  3. Meet my sponsor kid in Ethiopia
  4. Get a Japanese Spitz puppy - they are so cute!
  5. Learn to play Für Elise on the piano - one of my most favourite songs ever
  6. Get at least 5 journal articles of my research published in decent scientific journals
  7. Get my driver's licence as I'm still on my learner's (though I'm pretty sure Husband would like this one to be on a list of 1 thing to do in 1 week haha)
  8. Swim at the beach - I had to get rescued by a lifesaver (embarrasing!) a few years ago when a bunch of us got caught in some suddenly awful surf conditions (story here). I have not really gone in the water at the beach since - which is a shame because there are so many beaches around Sydney! Completed 12/02/12 - hooray!
  9. Finish my honeymoon collage and put up in a frame.
  10. Read all the books I've bought but never read. Once I found this website, this became a bit of an issue with constant book buying!
  11. Go to New York - well I had to add some stuff I knew I could cross off soon! See here for details.
  12. Get my lip pierced (sorry Mum). Picture HERE!
  13. See another musical. I saw Mary Poppins on Broadway in NYC, it was very fun and had impressive special effects :)
  14. Dye my hair purple again (it wasn't fully purple but had big streaks - or maybe another colour?)
  15. Give up caffeine for at least a month
  16. Wear my Banana/Hazmat coat out in public - 13/06/11 I got called big bird several times by husband, and giggles from a few friends, but I did it!
  17. Visit another castle (I would live in a castle if I could!) - completed September, 2012.
  18. Visit all the museums at my uni. There are several, and I've only been to one - the anatomy museum which was VERY cool. 
  19. Go to Questacon in Canberra - we went for a trip in school and it was great! *Edit* After speaking to a friend who recently went to Questacon, he said it's good for school trips, but the Exploratorium in San Fransisco is where it's at. So Questacon is now a back up in case I don't get to go SF.
  20. Enrol (and complete) more Greek lessons
  21. Actually start and complete the couch-to-5K running program: update - have started, so hopefully I can keep going!
  22. Speak in a fake accent for the whole day (suggestions on which accent...?)
  23. Go to the snow
  24. Make a roast dinner from scratch - According to wikipedia (hehe) slow cooking counts as pot roasting. So today (Aug 17th, 2011) I have made a roast dinner: roast turkey and vegies. Hooray! (Maybe this is cheating - but perhaps I'll do an oven roast one day to make up for that).
  25. Give $50 to a busker I see all the time (at least a couple of times a week for a few years) who is actually really good (I keep telling myself I'll give him money one day and never do)
  26. Help out at a homeless shelter or similar
  27. (Thanks to Anide for this suggestion) Go Camping
  28. (Thanks to Anide) Assume a different name for the day - e.g. Princess Consuela Bananahammock
  29. Get my face painted at a fair and keep it on the whole day
  30. Punch dance out my rage: see below for inspiration

P.S. Feel free to share in the comments a link to your blog post about your goals list!
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