Friday, 15 April 2011

To V or not to V (or redbull).

So if you have looked over at my 'mini-review' section of likes and boycotts, you'll see that I'm quite the fan of sugarfree V - a caffeinated energy drink. For a while I was somewhat proud of the fact that I was drinking more than the recommended daily intake. I know what you're thinking and you're correct - I am quite the rebel. However recently I've been trying to consider my health a bit more as I am hurtling towards being elderly (I am 26, sigh). I realised consuming this much caffeine/guarana/fake-sugar daily probably isn't the best. However, I reasoned that I am doing a PhD and I can't just sleep all the time and then be incoherent and unable to concentrate the rest of the time, so I should just keep drinking it for now.

Anyway, out of busyness today, and the fact that uni has stopped stocking it for some reason (redbull conspiracy?!?), I didn't actually drink any V today. And surprisingly... I survived. I was awake (although cranky), and seemed to be able to function (mostly). I'll admit I had a can of pepsi max but as if that does anything. What's the point of this story you ask? Well aren't you rude. Anyway, I'm considering trying to give it up for good. Which would be quite difficult I think, but would be better in the long run and save a fair bit of money.

Or maybe I'll just start having red bull.

P.S. YES I have considered the fact that the crazed ramblings of this post may be due to the effects of lack of caffeine.


  1. Stop drinking that SHIT!! Have a real coffee instead! XOXOX

  2. Haha!

    Well us elderly need something to keep us going through the day. My poison is coffee. And as it tends to be the 'instant' variety I doubt it has any less chemicals in it than your V.

    I actually quit caffeine for 3 months on a challenge my naturopath set me to boost my energy levels. (along with all processed foods or anything with additives etc) The first week was death on a stick. After that it was amazing how much natural energy you can have.

    Needless to say I am a back to injecting about 1 litre of coffee a day. The satisfaction of the coffee-hit, overshadows my want to be healthy.

    I figure everything (apparently) gives you cancer so why not go out artificially stimulated......hmm that sounded less dirty in my head.

  3. So excited to find someone else in blog land getting their phd in psychology!!!! I definitely find caffeine is necessary for me to stay alert during my long classes--particularly the ones at night.

  4. Um... Sounds like you're having a serious case of withdrawal symptoms there.

    Does an equivalent to the nicotine patch exist?


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