Saturday, 30 April 2011

Husband REFUSES to buy me a horse.

Nevermind that we live in a 4th floor apartment... I just want one! Here are a few snaps from our lovely weekend in the country for Easter. 

P.S. Today (Sat 30th) is our 6 month-aversary of being married! I can't really believe it's been that long already.
P.P.S. Many more pics on my Flickr account 


  1. We live in the suburbs and I want chickens, it may not be logical or a good idea but I want them.

    Happy six month anniversary,


  2. It's funny that you would be reading the brain that changes itself! That's exactly what my brain has done. I was diagnosed with CRPS 6yrs ago which has altered the way my brain thinks in regards to pain. Happy 6 month anniversary!


    Pros: 1.You can ride it
    2.Train them to kick enemies in the balls.
    3.Awesome if its a black horse you can act like ZORO!

    Cons: 1.They stink
    2.They outrun you so good luck catching it if it gets away.
    3.Its emasculating to all men (you know what!)
    5.Most of the time they do nothing but look at girls!

  4. Elena: a place I used to live in the suburbs had chickens next door, so why not! Just maybe not a rooster because they're noisy!

    Ross: I haven't finished it yet but it's a really inspiring book, and has a lot of encouraging stories about situations where you think people can't get better but they do - the brain is amazing!

    Husband: what if I buy you a zorro mask and cape and I make sure the horse is black? Then can I get one!?

  5. Try asking again in six more months :D


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