Monday, 18 April 2011

The Curse.

I have worked at many places in the last 9-10 years, and I was thinking of talking on here about some of my more memorable jobs. Then I remembered for a while I had what I would call a curse relating to work. Or more specifically a particular person, who was an omen of doom for that job (i.e., I'd be soon getting fired after interacting with him). I will call this person Ivan*...

So my first ever job was at a 'Gourmet Shoppe' that was just up the road from my high school. On my first day, when I was leaving school, Ivan (who also went to my school) saw me and offered me a lift. I said that it really was only a 5 minute walk away but he insisted. I thought it was quite nice at the time, but little did I realise that this was the beginning of my curse. Anyway, for a while it seemed fine. I mostly cleaned and served tea to old people. However they told me after a couple of months they could no longer afford to pay me so that was it.

The next job I had was at a Greek Bakery in the local shopping centre. It was ok for the most part, though there was a lot of people disappointed I couldn't speak Greek, and so would just point and shove money at me. Besides the mopping and cleaning inside the big freezer, the bad part was having to go out the back at the end of the day to chuck leftovers in the dumpster, with scabby people trying to take the bread off me! They also paid me cash 'under the table' and I was too young/shy to tell them I thought I was being ripped off. I'd decided I'd had enough and refused to clean in the freezer anymore as I was getting colds, and I also refused to mop. They simultaneously refused to give me any shifts from then on. While you could say this was pretty much my own fault, I beg to differ. One day while I was working, Ivan came past and had a chat to me. It was not long after that I got a call to return my ugly white and orange uniform.

Next I went for a trial at a local cafe which is now on my boycott list** - I worked for one day and at the end they said they didn't need anyone. Not sure how that makes sense (I probably was just crap)! On that one day, I had to go up the road to buy some supplies, and guess who drove past and waved. That's right, IVAN. I hadn't thought much of it until that day, but I then realised Ivan was indeed the harbinger of firings

* Not actual name. 
** As a side note this cafe was subsequently boycotted for a few years after that 'trial', but after some persuading from Husband we went back. They didn't cook my eggs properly and I was wanting to boycott again, but was not allowed. However it was when we went there with a friend, and they had to quickly come take back her meal in case there was glass in it, I decided it was back on the boycott list for good!


  1. Oh my gosh this made me laugh so so much! This poor guy (or did say 'person') has no idea that he/she is your bad luck charm.

    Yay for crappy first jobs that you hate but figure any money is good money.

    And ah yes, considering we were living around the same area and I am not sure if you last place is still within that area or not but please do share with me where this place to avoid is. I am terribly allergic to glass :P

    my email: :D

  2. Haha yes I will let you know. Also I can tell you who the 'curse' is, you'll probably remember them!

  3. Motto: Avoid all Ivans (AND Ivankas!) for the rest of your life!


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