Sunday, 29 January 2012


So today I am officially in my late 20s (I was still trying to convince myself 26 counted as mid-20s). I know that's still not overly old as such, but it still feels like a bit of a bummer. However, having said that, I have noticed myself thinking lately some people in their early 20s are still quite immature. Who knows what people a few years older are thinking of me! 

I guess my point is, although I often lament 'being old', I actually am quite happy with my life right now. I've nearly (well hopefully) finished a PhD, and will (again hopefully) be on my way to a grown up person's job. I can then start considering other grown up things like buying a house, which will be very exciting. Also, as scared as I am to admit this - I'm looking forward to having babies in the next few years (I bet my mother is pretty happy reading this since she sometimes points out cute baby clothes for no real reason - hint taken Mum!). Mostly so I can create some science nerdlets (this is a new word I just made up which means mini nerd - oh I just googled nerdlet and apparently I didn't make it up, hmmph).

Anyhoo, since my main birthday celebration was Friday (at a Greek restaurant - yum), it's a bit of a quiet one today, except we are going bean-bag shopping. Yes that is what I requested as a present. Hopefully I get this one:

This, my friends, is a Snorlax (a Pok√©mon) bean bag. It is clearly awesome. Sadly I think it's a one-off, but you never know! 

P.S. Fun fact: I sometimes call Husband 'Snorlax' due to his sleeping antics.


  1. Happy Birthday! I've been 27 since September, it's not too bad, although sometimes I still think I'm 26 or younger... ;)

    That Snorlax bean bag looks amazing!

  2. Happy birthday!!! Hope all your beanbag dreams come true ;)

    And I'll be turning 29 at the end of April. I should probably stop thinking that I'm still in my mid-20s now... But pff ;)

  3. Um... I need that.

    And someone needs to get that for you. In fact, we all need that.


    ...Okay, maybe I've been drinking.

  4. Happy birthday! Oh wow, that beanbag is just awesomesauce!

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  6. That snorlax bean bag is AMAZING!! I just want to snuggle him!!

    Happy birthday!! I totally agree on the "ahh I'm getting old!" panic, accompanied by "but it's pretty cool" feeling. I too am excited to have little nerdlets one day, a feeling that is enhanced by my desire to purchase
    this book.

    1. Hahah that book is awesome! I also found some really cool ones on biology for kids - my poor nerdlets really don't have a chance :P

  7. Well I'll be 26 in a month, so I guess I'll still be in my mid-20s (according to you). I don't even want to think about having babies, I still feel so young! :( However, that bean bag chair would make anyone feel better :)

  8. Hope you had a great day old-fart! :) (hehe just joking)

  9. Happy belated birthday! And that bean bag chair does rock.


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