Monday, 2 January 2012

Husband Quotes: Sleep Talking Edition

A habit that can sometimes be irritating, but other times very amusing, is sleep talking. Husband talks in his sleep probably once a month or so. There are three main categories of sleep talking Husband does:

1. In Greek (which makes sense, since he is Greek). However this means I have little idea what he's saying then, but he usually sounds cranky in these ones - at least I can surmise that he's not cranky at me since he doesn't often speak Greek with me! 

2. Work (he's a carpenter): so it involves instructions such as "Pass me that (specific type of wood I know nothing about)". These can be fun as I often reply to these and say "sure, here it is!" and he'll thank me. Though sometimes if I do that he says "No, I didn't want that, I wanted (other wood type)!", so then I usually just go "Sorry we're all out of that" to which he just goes back to sleep. 

3. The last category of sleep talking involves just completely random and bizarre utterances, some of which I thought I'd share over a few posts. Here is the first:

One time when Husband (then boyfriend) was at my house he was having a nap while I watched TV. He mumbled something which instantly made me jump up in alarm, it sounded like "I love you Jane" (my name is NOT Jane). "WHAT DID YOU SAY!?!" I yelped. Still mostly asleep Husband answered more clearly - "I love you Dean". I wasn't sure if this was better or worse! I made the poor guy wake up and asked again what on earth he was talking about. Apparently in his dream, he was actually me, and I was getting married to a guy called Dean. Not any Dean however, THIS Dean (from awesome TV show Supernatural): 

"I love you Dean" [image from here]
Well, that I can deal with (Husband clearly has good taste for me). Unfortunately for Husband though I've never let him live this down, and every now and then "I love you Dean" features in some good-natured teasing (by not only me, but also some family members since I was unable to keep this to myself obviously). 

Stay tuned for future posts of bizarre sleep utterances (or don't I guess, if you thought this sucked, but why would you think it sucked? Do you hate me? WHY!?!). 

P.S. Until then you can visit Sleep Talkin' Man (where this woman's husband seems to sleep talk every night) - it's very amusing in parts, though be warned some things Sleep Talkin' Man says are offensive/gross/definitely not PG rated.
P.P.S. This was posted with Husband's approval - I am not so mean as to share this without asking!


  1. Hahaha, that's awesome! Who doesn't love them some Dean Winchester? Hmmm, that reminds me. It's been ages since I watched Supernatural. Might be time to dig out the DVDs!!

  2. As soon as I saw the title of this post I knew I couldn't wait to read it! I once had a boyfriend utter "It's called the girlfriend theory ...", which I quizzed him about when he work up but did not get a clear answer. But he was a loser, so whatever ...

  3. Brilliant!
    And kudos on posting with permission.
    Happy New Year!

  4. HAHA!! This made me laugh out loud, specifically "I love you Dean". Haha. If I talked in my sleep I would probably say that too (I love Supernatural too and could happily marry both the guys).

  5. Too funny! All I'm going to think about next time I catch Supernatural is "I love you Dean." Hahaha!

  6. love it. my husband talks in his sleep, too. he can say the most bizarre things. it's usually hilarious. :)

  7. Haha! This is great. I once had a sleepover where a friend sleep talked that he climbed up to a treehouse, there was a girl there, then she fell out of it and died. Keep us updated on your husband's slumbery conversations!

  8. I've married a sleep talker and mover myself and man do they say funny things in their sleep. :)

  9. Tell him to say Sam the next time. Dean is too cranky.

    This post brings back memories from college when my roommate talked in her sleep. Unfortunately, she usually just gabbed about math equations or boring crap like that.


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