Friday, 3 February 2012

Cooking and Running Adventures of Late.

(Not doing both at the same time - though wouldn't that be interesting!?) 

One of the things I've been doing while working from home (well when not actually working), has been collecting recipes. I'm not sure I'll actually cook most of the recipes, but I do like imagining I have, and how they would taste. For this I partly blame Pinterest, as there are heaps of delicious looking meals on there. 

The other day I made chicken, mushroom, spinach and cheese filo pastry. Sorry I didn't think to take a picture, mostly because I learned the hard way that you don't put any pans on the bottom of the oven. It might seem obvious, but it turns out that the bottom of the oven is very hot and cooks things SUPER fast. So mostly I spent the evening trying to get rid of the horrible burnt smell that often fills our apartment (what must the neighbours think!). Husband liked them so much though, that he salvaged what was left of the burnt one (thankfully the main tray was not on the bottom so the rest cooked fine) and still ate it. 

[from here]
Today I made cornbread muffins, with ham, cheese and chives. Again I didn't take pictures because we ate several pretty quickly. So here's someone else's picture, which actually looks pretty much how my ones did (though to be honest, might were slightly overcooked in comparison). Pretty tasty, if I do say so myself.

Another thing that I've had a bit of time to do recently, is go running. As I mentioned last year, it is my aim to finish the couch-to-5k running program. I didn't do much last year, but have been running a bit more this year. I am now up to week 5, which is over half way. I'm enjoying running much more than I expected, and as such my friend and I decided the other week we would participate in the annual City to Surf run in Sydney - which is 14km. It is in August, so if I keep up the running it might be possible I can run a fair bit in it, but I'm still expecting a lot of walking to occur. We decided we must have awesome costumes for the event, so our plan is daggy 80s sports people, who've unfortunately been recently zombified and are therefore not running for fitness, but to chase other racers for their brains. I'm very glad I have a reason to re-wear my bloody shirt from the last time I was a zombie (see below). 

Again, I turned to google in the hopes of a picture, and there doesn't appear to be a zombie from the 80s dressed in sports attire. So, again instead of photoshopping I'll allow you to use your own imagination based on this combination of pictures, until August that is, when I will look like that! 

[p.s. the pic of not-me is from here]

So my questions to you are:
What have you been cooking lately?
- Are you going in any running events this year?
Have you ever done running and cooking at the same time?


  1. What I'm really hoping is that Zombie Oliva Newton John circa Let's Get Physical will include leg warmers. Neigh, I insist.

  2. OH yes, leg warmers are a must! Although not practical for running the C2S...

  3. I've never ran and cooked at the same time, but I often have to run around the kitchen looking for utensils when I am cooking...

    Also, an 80s sports zombie sounds awesome!

  4. LOL, I read your last question and thought of this!

    1. That is awesome!! Seriously clever. Thanks for bringing this to my attention :)

  5. Running and cooking hmmmmmm! It's a common thing in my house as we run back and forth between kids and making the meals! Good to see that your enjoying running more and that your increasing your distance.

  6. Wow, I'm impressed with your running and cooking. I am not a runner, so I've for sure not been running at all lately. I took a walk, however. As for cooking, I have made a few things. Breakfast casserole (love that), an angel food cake and Christmas cookies in the shape of football helmets. Post to come on the baking! I think it's fine if you don't make all of your recipes, at lest you have options.

  7. it was a few years ago, but I ran 5k in an inflatable sumo suit? haha, that would look awesome zombified!
    as for cooking, it's been mince meat city at my place - trying to get my budget back to tight arse student prices. stir fried beef mince isn't that bad.
    I wish I could "work from home". Sounds like a rather good excuse.

  8. Good on you for the running! Awarded you the Liebster Award check it out

  9. The cornbread muffins look pretty amazing! Making me hungry just before dinner :D

    Your costume idea is pretty fantastic. It made me think of this: The 5K is coming to Pittsburgh, PA on September 1st, and I contemplated signing up. But I am way too much of a chub-a-lub and my schedule does not allow much time for exercise.


    1. I so wish there was one of those in Sydney!! That would be heaps of fun - and good zombie apocalypse practice too, of course.


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