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30 Days of Movies - 1. Your Favourite Movie

Hopefully you don't get sick of this (or hopefully I don't get sick of it and stop part-way through), but I've decided to do the 30 Days of Movies Challenge. However I don't plan to post one every day, and more than likely I'll have other posts in between, so it may take a while - so bear with me. I hope you find my answers interesting, and may make you choose to watch (or avoid) some movies I suggest!  

Day 1- Your Favourite Movie
Day 2 - The last movie you watched
Day 3 - Your favourite action/adventure movie
Day 4 - Your favourite horror movie
Day 5 - Your favourite drama movie
Day 6 - Your favourite comedy movie
Day 7 - A movie that makes you happy
Day 8 - A movie that makes you sad
Day 9 - A movie that you know practically the whole script of
Day 10 - Your favourite director
Day 11 - Your favourite movie from your childhood
Day 12 - Your favourite animated movie
Day 13 - A movie that you used to love but now hate
Day 14 - Your favourite quote from any movie
Day 15 - The first movie you saw in theaters
Day 16 - The last movie you saw in theaters
Day 17 - The best movie you saw during the last year
Day 18 - A movie that disappointed you the most
Day 19 - Your favourite actor
Day 20 - Your favourite actress
Day 21 - The most overrated movie
Day 22 - The most underrated movie
Day 23 - Your favourite character from any movie
Day 24 - Favourite documentary
Day 25 - A movie that no one would expect you to love
Day 26 - A movie that is a guilty pleasure
Day 27 - Favourite classic movie
Day 28 - Movie with the best soundtrack
Day 29 - A movie that changed your opinion about something
Day 30 - Your least favourite movie

Day 1: Favourite Movie.
When I was deciding whether to start this challenge or not, I first checked whether I actually had answers to all the questions, so I wouldn't run out of things to say half way through the challenge and abandon it. The one that I had the most trouble with however, was this one. Picking just one favourite movie was extremely hard. However it is not the movie I've seen the most times, nor does it have my favourite actors. However it does always make me smile, and one thing I do love about it is that I saw it before I met Husband, and I was happy to find out he loves the movie too and so we can always watch it together (awww/vomit!). It is: The Wedding Singer.
Some Adam Sandler movies are very silly and nonsensical, but this one has just the right amount (for me anyway) of random whimsy. It is also extremely sweet. The songs Adam's character comes up with "Somebody Kill Me Please" and "I Wanna Grow Old With You" are great. It has one of my favourite movie quotes ever (though I ended up picking another one for that category later on so as to not double up): "He's losing his mind... and I'm reaping all the benefits!" 

I can't seem to get the gif to work, so click the picture! [via]
Questions for you:
What's your favourite movie?
What do you think of The Wedding Singer? Love/Hate?
Will you find this challenge boring/annoying to read?
Any bets on when I give up and abandon this challenge? :P

P.S. Want even more movies? Gina is also doing the 30 days of movies challenge (which is where I first saw it) and Kirsti is doing Movie Mondays.


  1. -I hate picking favorites, but I think my fave movie is probably The American President. I think. Maybe.
    -I haven't seen that movie in YEARS. I think I need to rewatch it, because I can't even really remember what happens. Other than singing :)
    -I'm excited - I love these things and learning more about what people like! Plus, I might find some new movies to watch!
    -No bets :)
    Forgive me for being such a horrible blog friend lately! I've finally just gotten my reader all organized again (it was scary) and am trying to catch up with everyone!

  2. I love 'The Wedding Singer', it's one of my favourite movies too! Good choice :)

  3. I LOVE The Wedding Singer. I don't think I could ever get sick of it. And yet, it's one of those movies that always seems to slip through the cracks and I forget about it for six months, and then find the DVD and do a happy dance.

    I can never really decide on my favourite. There are too many to choose from. It's probably a tie between The Princess Bride, Love Actually, and Pirates of the Caribbean. The first one, obviously. The others were a bit rubbish...

  4. -My favorite movie changes day-by-day. Most recently, it's Puss N Boots...and will remain so until I see another great flick. However, I've always had soft spots for The Shawshank Redemption and Forrest Gump.
    -The Wedding Singer was a pretty good movie. Adam Sandler in his prime, long before he picked some much more questionable roles.
    -I freaking love movies, so this will never bore me.
    -Stick with it all the way!


  5. What's your favourite movie? Robin Hood, Men In Tights. Could watch it with my eyes closed.
    What do you think of The Wedding Singer? Love/Hate? I wouldn't buy it but I'll always watch it on TV. So I guess I like it a fair bit.
    Will you find this challenge boring/annoying to read? Hehehe no way! I love reading people's lists - fascinates me :)
    Any bets on when I give up and abandon this challenge? :P You'll make it through it eventually :)

  6. I have a lot of favorites but if I had to pick just one it would A Knight's Tale.

  7. ohhh, I'm excited to see what all you pick, maybe I'll discover/remember some good movies from your list. The Wedding Singer is a good one!

  8. Oh god yes I love this movie! Whenever I'm feeling blue about something I always sing the "somebody kill me please" song in my head. "I want to diiieeeee put a bullet in my heeeaaaaaaaaaddddd"

    Oh Adam Sandler.

    Favorite movie all time? Ugh that's tough. Little Women has to be up there, if only because it's my go to "I'm feeling crappy" movie. Amelie and Princess Bride are honorable mentions.


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