Saturday, 18 February 2012

Dear Teenage Lozzz123

So after enjoying both Kirsti and Gina's letters to their highschool selves, I thought I would jump on that bandwagon when I realised I had plenty to say to the teenage version of myself. How this younger me will actually get this letter however, I haven't decided. I'm either thinking time-travel phonebooth...


...or letterbox that can deliver mail to the past. 


(Highschool Lozzz123 loves Keanu Reeves, so it's only fitting that I should use the time travel movies he's been in as inspiration).

Dear Teenage Lozzz123,

Firstly, don't worry, you are at the university you wanted to go to, doing the the subjects you wanted to do - and you love it! As I'm writing in 2012, things are going pretty well. However I do have some suggestions you might want to consider taking on board...

1. Although you do get into the course you want in uni, study and actually do homework! I know highschool seems pretty easy to you, but set up some good habits for later so you don't spend year 11 and 12 (and undergraduate uni, for that matter) doing the bare minimum to get a decent (but not awesome) mark. You'll feel guilty for knowing you really could have done a lot better if you had bothered.

2. Yes, that Japanese teacher in year 10 was mean and not a great teacher. But seriously, don't quit learning Japanese. You'll regret it later. He gets deported anyway!

3. If a friend hurts your feelings, tell them! It's better than avoiding them and potentially ruining the friendship.

4. Similar to Kirsti, camouflage pants really aren't that great. Sometimes dressing like a girl is nice, really. 

5. The careers counselor is a goober. Seriously, you DO need maths for Psychology, especially if you're wanting to do a science degree which includes other non-psych subjects. So don't quit maths after year 11!

6. I know you're not getting along all that great now, but your sister ends up being one of your bestest friends. So you may as well be nicer to her now! 

Grumpy me in Austria in 2001. Bonus mouth-closed pre-braces smile included.
7. You'll get braces and then you'll finally be able to smile with your mouth open - hooray!  

8. You have an awesome opportunity to go to Europe with your mum and sister when you're 16. Don't spend nearly the whole time there being grumpy!  

9. Yeh, your knees suck (and your ankles too). I know you're not super sporty, but consider doing some regular exercise so your muscles and joints aren't so weak that they freak out whenever you exert yourself at all. Then you might be able to play more than one game of hockey without having to go to the hospital. 

10. Speaking of unpleasant incidents - consider swimming more often so you're a stronger swimmer and therefore you don't nearly drown in the ocean one afternoon (and maybe pay a bit more attention to surf conditions to tell what's safe). Also, lifeguards generally come rescue people only if they know you're in trouble, so put your hand up!   

11. That street sign/road work equipment collection you got going - yeh it's kind of stupid. You just end up throwing it all out, so don't even bother.  

12. If you like a boy, perhaps consider actually talking to them instead of liking them from super afar. Then again, the one you'll end up with you don't actually meet until the very end of school. So actually I suppose, carry on. 

13. On that particular boy, I know you're a bit unsure about giving him a chance, but DO. He's worth it. 

14. I know you think that someone in their late 20s - early 30s seems old and boring, but seriously, it's much better than being a moody teenager! And believe it or not, but one day you change your mind and decide you actually DO want babies - SO THERE.  

15. I know at the time it seemed like life was pretty dull and not much to be excited about, but when you look back on it, what you'll mostly remember is laughing. A lot. 

Well past Lozzz123, that's it for now. I was considering showing you a picture of your future husband, but I've decided I don't want to ruin the surprise (don't worry, he's not hideous). 

Stay Classy,
Lozzz123 from 2012.


  1. Love it... totally with you on the whole braces thing... so glad I got them done ($5000 later!).

  2. This is a fascinating concept. I've read some of these Letter-To-My-Past-Self posts, but yours was by far the best. Humorous, engaging, and bluntly honest. This makes me want to write one for myself, but I might do it as a personal reflection exercise first. If the results are interesting, then it gets blogged :D


    1. Yeh go for it! I'd be interested to read it if you end up posting :)

  3. Aah, yes. Dropping Maths at the end of Year 11. Clearly not the best decision either of us ever made!! *sigh*

    So glad I wasn't alone on the camouflage pants front! :)

  4. Man, I think about how many experiences I ruined by simply being a moody teenager. LAME.

    Like Shane, I might try this. It might be better than complaining about my allergies some more. ;)



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