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  1. Ha! I clicked on this page to see if you had a twitter or something to follow. I'm @faithmckay

  2. I actually used to have a twitter a couple of years ago but never used it. I've recently considered starting it up again but perhaps I procrastinate enough already haha.

    We'll see though...

  3. Dear Lauren,

    I'm stuck in a comment factory. Please give me advice about how to escape.

    Oompa Commenter

  4. Dear Lozzz123,
    You offered advice. I want advice. I am not near as cool as you and though I know I never will be, I was hoping you might inform me as to how I might earn cool points with you and everyone else in the universe, including the plants and the aliens.
    Please and thank you,
    Truly yours,
    With Utmost Sincerity,
    Uncool Ursula


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