My PhD

Susceptibility to False Memories for Stressful Events: Psychological and Biological Predictors

Well it's finished now! 

This post gives you a bit of information on one of my experiments (and look here for some results). 

The below graphic was generated from a very cool website called Wordle. You paste in a bunch of text and it generates a word cloud, making most common words more prominent. I inserted part of my thesis. Here is what was produced (it kinda looks how my brain feels thinking about all this):

Thanks to Siberian Ginseng for the idea!
Well I think the above sort-of answers what my PhD is about . As for what it was like to do a thesis - well I think if you go to this post it probably sums that up for you quite well. 

I have done that, says my memory. I cannot have done that, says my pride. At last my memory yields" - Nietzsche


  1. Howdy, and sorry for taking so long to find you!

    I like the big "false" there. It gives the whole thing a fun passive-aggressive vibe ;-)

  2. Wow. I highly commend you for your studies on such a difficult topic. I recognize some of the terminology from the research that I was doing for a creative writing project. Unfortunately, after reading about three books, I got so emotionally and psychologically drained from all of the case studies that I had to set the project aside. Hopefully, I'll return to it soon.

    *Much success to you.

  3. 1. I love that you have Norman Doidge's book to the right; I just wrote about this book in one of my Top Ten Tuesday blogs!
    2. Happy 3rd year for your PhD! I just completed my 3rd year and will be embarking on my 4th year as a behavioral neuroscience/psychology PhD student. Needless to say, I feel your pain.
    3. You do false memory research? In the states, Dr. Charles Weaver does a TON of false memory stuff, and total random sidenote, I house sit for his family when they go abroad every summer. Cool research!

    Nice to meet you! Found you throuh

  4. I was told years ago in the Office of Student Life where I worked and found as a second home while being a student leader in my undergrad to make a wordie! I was told to do it and post it somewhere for a fast uplift in spirits. I have yet to make one but I love the point of them and I think as I continue my Graduate Studies this Spring 2013 I will finally make one and hang it somewhere for a boost when needed.


  5. The wordle clearly tell that your research is all about false memories. Thesis ideas can really be thought out really carefully by wordle, and I think it a great summary of what word are mostly used on a research paper.


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