Saturday, 30 April 2011

A Day in the Life of a PhD Student Working from Home

10am: Wake up, feel bad for sleeping in so long, but decide to rest for 'just 10 more minutes'.
11am: Wake up again. Oops. Actually get up this time. Check email, look at blogs and facebook. 
11.30am: Feel bad about procrastinating so look at motivational blogs instead, think about doing some work. Instead check email, blogs and facebook again.
12pm: LUNCH! Better whip up the most elaborate thing you can think of, especially since you forgot breakfast. 
12.30pm: Notice all the things in the kitchen that need cleaning. Get started, realise this is boring and decide - should really do some work. Check email again. Hey, look at those fingernails - you should really file them (and paint...? yeh good idea).
1pm: This might be a good time to clean your desk. Also, does your computer need defragmenting, or some big virus scan that means you can't work on your computer? Better do that now. 
[Anide, this one's for you]
1.30pm: QUICK!! Something exciting might have happened on facebook! Check it now and get distracted stalking people you don't really like all that much. 
2pm: Ever wonder what happened to that celebrity who was in that thing a few years ago? Why not research that instead of PhD-related topics.  Alternative option: you should probably look up symptoms of that rare and dangerous disease you think you might be developing.
2.30pm: Is today the day to start that new exercise plan? YOU KNOW IT!!
3pm: Wait - this seems hard, and really you should be doing some work. Check email again.
3.30pm: Actually start doing work. 
4pm: Feel very accomplished for doing some work; check facebook as reward.
4.30pm: Husband returns home from work. "Why do you have to be so distracting and noisy? Can't you see I'm working very hard?!" Oh well... consider getting started on dinner?
5pm: Start making elaborate dinner. Feel a bit bad about uni work, but people need to eat don't they!
7pm: Dinner; Throw out the idea of doing any more work today - at least you did that little bit, it was like 4 hours or so wasn't it? Right? Relax for the rest of the evening with big plans for PhD work tomorrow.

P.S. Yes I am working from home today - how did you guess?! :P


  1. A girl after my own heart! Procrastination down to a fine art. :D

    It is AMAZING how much you can get done when NOT getting done what needs to be.

    Can I just say: SWOOOON at the little pic insert. I need this show. Minus the annoying daughter and mother. ANND the other old grey friend guy. The black guy was ok.

    Haha. I have facebook stalked people that add me and I am like "who are you?" and then I find out we went to school together............ [circkets]...... riiiiight. Well clearly YOU left a lasting impression since I have no idea who you are even when seeing a picture of you.

    Please keep the post coming. They make me laugh!

  2. hahaha. hilarious and oh so true! I'm going to send this to some of my friends! haha. Although, sometimes during finals I get more work done at home than I do at my office! Also, I just started following you through GFC :)

  3. - Anide: I know! I googled the show but it doesn't look like it's available on DVD in Aus :(
    and yeh I've had that same thing with facebook and some school people, who I would have said I'd never seen in my life!

    - MIC: aww thanks! :)

  4. I was only motivated enough to finish my Masters degree, kudos to you for getting a doctorate! Following you now through GFC, found you on the blog hop. You can find me at

  5. Hello! Your Newest follower from Thirsty Thursdays. Great post lol! I totally can relate I work from home as a Marketing coordinator for my husbands company and I totally have those days! Please add me at

  6. Stopping by from FTLOB fun post.
    Ooohhh, I graduated a while ago and i still procrastinate. All the time. That was a great synopsis of your day :)
    Coincidentally, I found this little cartoon yesterday:

    She's got some funny stuff :)

  7. Procrastination is extremely useful. How? I don't know, but I'm pretty sure that it is since so many people (myself included) do it :)

  8. This was so me in college. And I will definitely be like this if I eventually decide to get my masters...ugh.


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