Monday, 11 April 2011

New Ice-cream Flavour: Burnt (or, why I had to throw out the saucepan).

my icecream maker
I was very excited to get an ice-cream maker, particularly as I am trying to make things without sugar. My first few attempts were fairly average, mostly flavoured ice. However one day I was definitely in the mood for ice-cream, and decided to make chocolate flavour. When I started mixing it together, I thought the cocoa looked weird, coming out in little clumps, but whatever. It wasn’t until it was actually in the mixer, churning away that I caught a glimpse of what looked like a wing. Yes, those little clumps were BUGS. And sadly, I had tasted the mixture too. So I had to tip out the entire mixture (and rinse my mouth out for a long time).

I was a bit disheartened, but still determined to have my ice-cream. Chocolate was out, so vanilla it was. However now I didn’t have enough cream for that recipe, so I decided to try out a different recipe that required a lot more cooking time on the stove. For some odd reason, the whisk kept getting stuck on the bottom of the pan, but that didn’t deter me. Quite a while later I decided to investigate the cause of the sticking and realised that the mixture was starting to caramelise on the bottom. But caramelising is ok right? Surely the mixture would just taste a bit caramel-y. So I kept cooking. It wasn’t until I poured out the mixture for it to set in the fridge that I saw the bottom of the saucepan. BLACK. I tried scrubbing and scrubbing but realised that it was a lost cause. But hey, at least I still had the ice-cream! Sure it smelled slightly weird, but I was certain it would taste fine. So I went through the churning process and got my ice-cream. Finally. It tasted… interesting. Not really the caramel flavour I was hoping. But I persevered, eating nearly a whole bowl before I gave up and admitted that the primary flavour was BURNT. So I had to wait for it all to melt so I could tip it out. YUM.


  1. I was eating my sister's salad one afternoon and halfway through I looked down to notice that I could see about 3 mini-caterpillars crawling in it. She uses fresh herbs from her garden and they came in from that. While washing my mouth out (like you) I was told: 'It's good for you....protein'.

    So I completely empathize with your story.

  2. Oh bugs. They ruin everything! I can't tell you how many times I've gotten something out of my pantry to make, and there were bugs inside. Ick! I guess if you sprinkle whole cloves in your pantry, the smell chases the bugs off. Don't know if it works, but my mom swears by it.

    I'm new to your blog! I found you through FTLOB and I can't wait to read more! Feel free to check out my blog!

    Simply Kate

  3. Hello, I found your blog of For the Love of Blogs. Can't say Ive ever had burn ice cream..hmmm?? thanks. Otherwise, I LOVE ice cream ;)

    I tagged you for the Versatile Blogger award. If you choose to accept, just go to and follow the instructions. Thanks!

  4. Bugs can definitely ruin a meal.

    I remember going over another family's house for dinner and the hostess had covered the entire table with, what appeared to be, a delicious spread. She even hand-cut some fruit into various decorative shapes... which was tempting, so I tasted a few. Unfortunately, when I reached to get some more, I noticed little bugs crawling all over the fruit. Needless to say, I ended up eating ONLY the food which I had brought over.


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