Saturday, 14 January 2012

Weird Searches

If you follow me on twitter, you'll know that every now and then I mention weird google searches that seem to bring people to my blog. Here are a few I found particularly amusing, and my thoughts on those... 

"How do I get the smell of burnt chocolate out of my house" - Haha sorry I only cause burning smell problems in my house, my blog is not the place for solutions, I'm afraid!
Or if you do find out where to buy them, come back and tell me. They are super cute.
"Where can you buy a pygmy hippo" - I know I said I want one, but I didn't actually get one, and even if I did YOU CAN'T HAVE IT! 

"mr hand addams family" - Well I assume this person found my blog due to my post on Alien Hand Syndrome. For future reference googler, it's called Thing, not Mr Hand! 

"strange things were afoot" - At least they aren't afoot anymore? Also, perhaps you mean this.

"annoying friend of spouse" - Please come back and tell me if you found my conditioning post on 'fixing' annoying people useful, or at least that you liked the picture of the rat playing a pan flute. 

"nyan cat website" - I just find this amusing, because if you google "Nyan cat website", the first option is of course, the Nyan cat website! How did they end up at my blog post on it then? Perhaps a more appropriate search then would have been: "Nyan cat, and those who love him" (or her?). I think I might just say Nyan one more time for good measure: Nyan. 

"i am a zombie" - Well don't come looking for me - aargh! And definitely don't read my post about where I plan to hide in a zombie outbreak. Also, I know I make a convincing looking zombie, but that's just a costume. I don't want to be friends at this point, sorry. 

Do you know of any particularly odd google searches that somehow led to your blog? I'd love to read about them in the comments! 


  1. 'the operation epidural' is one that led someone to my blog... weird!

  2. Hey! I was just planning on doing a post exactly like this soon! I have some VERY weird (and grossly sexual) searches that lead people to my blog, so I can relate with how confusing the searches can be :)

    1. Well that sounds concerning! Will look forward to your post on this then (not for the gross parts though haha).

  3. "never drinking caffeine again", which is kind of ironic, since I drink caffeine almost every day. Lots of it.

  4. "F in exams" tends to lead people to mine (which is a title of a book I once posted). Not really reflecting my ambitions of academia, is it?

    PS I just discovered Nyan Cat last week ... he, he. Pop Tart :)

  5. My post about London gathered over 200 hits in the space of 5 minutes from very weird websites. My google searches range from the normal (hydrogen peroxide foam experiment) to the weird (musical crying mascara).

  6. Recently, I have "middle school bucket list", "images of hissing geese", and "drown swimming pool". All unique, odd, and somewhat threatening in their own way. None of the searches can hold a candle to zombies and pygmy hippos.


  7. "zombie comforter set" - I don't even talk about zombies on my site, so I don't know how that happened. Perhaps they were passing through on their way to Science, Spouses, and Silliness :-)


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