Tuesday, 11 October 2011


As promised, here are some photos of me as a zombie, from the costume party on Saturday. I had a lot of fun with the fake blood - though it's not so fun to try and clean off when you get home and want to sleep! The main place I had trouble removing the stains was from my nails, so I just put red nail polish over the top. Problem solved (well temporarily at least haha)!

Here is a picture of my shirt, and one of me trying to look super menacing.

And here is me trying to eat Husband's brains! He's dressed as Ron Burgundy, by the way.

Overall it was a very fun night. One highlight was on the way to the party hearing two random girls walking behind us:

Girl 1: Gasp! Look at all the blood!
Girl 2 (to me): Ummm, your hand is bleeding?
Me (turning around): I AM A ZOMBIEEEE!!
Girls: Aaargh! 


  1. BEST. COSTUME. EVER... Plus, bonus points for scaring random strangers!! ;)

  2. That looks like so much fun. I love your costume :)

  3. Your menacing face is hysterical! Love it!

  4. Great shadowing around the eyes!

    Too funny on scaring people, too. Good job!

  5. Sorry but hubbie wins for Ron Burgundy. :D - Yours is pretty cool too.... but it's Ron Burgundy (you're not Ron) :D


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