Friday, 14 October 2011

Strange things are afoot...

Just thought I'd share three odd/cool things I came across the other day.

The first: love a bit of alien conspiracy!

"there will be space ships by then"
The second: I'd just gotten off the bus at uni to see this - an elderly conga line! So cute, and yet entirely random.

sorry for crappy photo quality - had to covertly snap on my iphone!
The third: thanks to @cestaz for pointing this article out to me on twitter... apparently some zombies got injured on the set of a movie. Paramedics arriving at first thought some terrible catastrophe occurred and couldn't immediately tell all the blood was fake! It's funny to me especially, because the other night when I was dressed as a zombie I said to husband: "today would be a really bad day for a car accident - paramedics would have no idea which were my real injuries!"

That is all.


  1. Haha I want an old person congo line ... that's awesome! Did you join in?

  2. I read about that elderly conga line of yours on your Twitter feed - so much funnier to see it! Did you ever figure out what it was for?

    Oh, and have you watched any of The Walking Dead? I've been hooked since I found myself quarantined at home with not much to do and with little capacity for concentrating.

  3. @Heather Rose haha unfortunately not. just as I finished snapping my secret photo they disbanded.

  4. @Cecilia No idea what it was for! It was extremely random. I also wikipedia'd the Walking Dead - sounds interesting!

  5. at the circle K!! Hahahaha!! Oh dear, that alien picture made me laugh! But not as much as the conga line though!! :D


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