Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Instead of marking...

...I'd much prefer to pretend I'm still away at the Blue Mountains. We had such a good time, that we didn't really want to come back yesterday. Even though it was cold, and rainy in parts we still managed to do a lot of looking around. Not to mention a lot of eating! There was also the small issue of me forgetting my bag. When we arrived at the B&B (which was lovely, and the owners were so nice), I realised that my bag of clothes, pyjamas etc. was still sitting at home. A big oops. So we did have to quickly find a clothes shop so I wouldn't be stuck in the same clothes for four days. 

We went to Echo Point, which is one of the best places to view the Three Sisters; Jenolan Caves, which was really cool; Scenic World (a bit of a lame name if you ask me but still interesting) where we got to ride the steepest incline railway in the world down to the valley and look around the rainforest of the mountains, and came back up via cable car; and we also looked around Leura, which is a nearby town which is very pretty and has lovely gardens called Everglade Gardens. It was a great early anniversary present, and Husband and I definitely want to go back ASAP - like tomorrow, please?

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Here are some photos I took! Clockwise from top left: the gardens at our B&B; View of the Three Sisters from Echo Point; Inside Lucas Cave at the Jenolan Caves; Tulips from Everglades Gardens; Another shot of Lucas Cave; Outside Jenolan Caves.


  1. Forgetting clothes sounds so much like something I would do ahaha so busy making sure the boyfriend had everything I'd forget my stuff!!

    I LOVE that bottom middle shot. It's great :)

  2. I love those photos. They're beautiful!

  3. Fun times! Awkward forgetting your bag. I've been up there too, but when we got to Echo Point we couldn't see anything infront of our hands cause it was that foggy!

  4. There must be something about the blue mountains, when I went there, I dropped my camera without realising and it was gone forever. HEARTBREAK.

    Also, the comment you left on my blog about your husband sleep talking is AWESOME. TOTALLY AWESOME.

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