Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Husband Quotes: Sleep Talking Edition #3

I find it amusing that I am sometimes able to have a complete conversation with Husband while he's asleep, and he has no idea later this ever took place (until I tease tell him about it, obviously). 

This was said by him in a sweet, laughing kind of voice: "Fluffy, noooooo!"

I of course then asked: "Who's Fluffy?"

"Some sort of half-penguin, half-duck".

"What did Fluffy do?"

"He... peed on me!"

I of course tried to google "half penguin half duck" and unfortunately no such picture exists. I considered either drawing one myself or some sort of photoshop adventure, but I'm neither that talented or motivated sorry! 

So instead here are cute pictures of penguins and ducks, and you can use your own imagination for what Fluffy looks like (in my thoughts, he's also pink for some reason).




  1. Too funny! My boyfriend will do the same thing but only answer my questions about a third of the time so I usually get some unfinished story about leaving me hanging!!

  2. Fluffy sounds adorable! What would you call him? A puck? Penguck? Dunguin?


  3. ha haha well I love both penguins and ducks, so this is great. not only that, I love the random spew of a half asleep brain. Fun when you hear it, also fun when someone recounts to you something you said in that state when you have nooo recollection

  4. Fluffy seems quite cute. But when I think penguin and duck, I think of Tim Burton's Penguin in a duck. Definitely wouldn't want him peeing on you!


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