Thursday, 21 July 2011

If I believed in past lives...

I'd probably say my lives all must have taken place in the UK. It's difficult to explain, but even though I've only been there twice, for about 3 weeks total, I often feel pangs of home sickness for it. Looking at pictures of England, remembering my trips there, and watching certain TV shows (e.g. Time Team), make me miss it badly.

Windsor Castle
In particular, I love the history. One of the best things we did in London was the Jack the Ripper tour. While quite gruesome, learning about all the gory details, I loved hearing about London back in the 1800s. It's probably also why Sherlock Holmes is one of my favourite movies (also check out the Sherlock Holmes Pub in London - pretty cool). More than that though, I love the castles.  Some of my favourite places so far in the UK are Windsor Castle in England, and Cardiff Castle in Wales. One of my 30 things before 30 goals is to visit more castles. If I had the time, I would spend ages researching ancient and medieval history from that area. In fact, one of my favourite subjects and the best mark I ever got for an assignment at uni was actually for the medieval history course I did (so why you ask, did I do a science degree and am currently doing a science-based PhD? Well that's a story for another time). I almost considered joining the medieval society at uni (nerd alert!), however the guy I was speaking to about it was just a bit too into it that it creeped me out. I also tried to convince Husband that we should get married in medieval attire, but he didn't really go for it (though I almost got him to agree when I said he could wear a suit of armour)! Maybe this is a little sad to admit, but hearing the icecream man truck go past (which in Sydney plays Greensleeves) also makes me a little nostalgic. 
Awesome Stonehenge

When Husband and I went to the UK as part of our honeymoon in November, it was freezing. Call me crazy but I have to say I actually like the cold weather and much prefer it to Sydney's heat. In fact my two favourite days while over there, (visiting Windsor, Stonehenge, & Bath; and going to Cardiff Castle) were the two coldest days of my entire life. It actually snowed in Cardiff while we were there and it was amazing.

Snow at Cardiff Castle

So how come we don't move there? Well to be honest, I've thought about it. Perhaps as a post-doc after my PhD (which is usually 2-3 years in length). Husband even said he wouldn't mind. However at the same time, my whole life is here in Sydney (family, friends, church...).

So for now I'll just have to dream, and somehow organise nearly every future trip to involve a stop there.



  1. I would have loved to see the Jack the Ripper tour I love learning about serial killers and criminology. I bet the castles where breath taking, especially in the snow. I've never seen a castle. Here in Mississippi we have one in a city called Raymond, I'm thinking about having my wedding there.

  2. Friends & family that still live in England cite the same reasons for loving it - the history. I was born there but Australia is definately my home now.
    On a side note, my mum was born in Cardiff & my last name is Wiltshire (the area where Stone Henge is) ... oh, & my PhD is in archaeology (except I don't study castles, but may have touched on them briefly in my undergrad). Coincidence? I think not!
    PS Have you ever been to any medieval festiva

    Kelly @
    Elegantly Academic

  3. I totally understand! When I moved there it felt just right, and when I came back to Australia I felt somewhat homesick for London-town. That's why I've been getting really excited by all the British stuff that's popping up in Coles...mmmm.
    Friends and family will (hopefully) be here when you get back, and nothing much changes; sure, people get married, buy houses and have kids, but they're still the same. It's not really worth missing out on such an awesome adventure!

  4. @Kelly - I had a look and it turns out there was one in Sydney a couple of weeks ago, doh! Hopefully I can convince people to come with me next year hehe.

    Haha and that is all very strange indeed (and also cool).

  5. I live in England & i have to say i love it too! The history & culture here is superb. I love to read about how people love it as much as me. I feel like English people take it for granted sometimes, but i guess you get that in every country.

  6. I'd love to visit one castle in my lifetime =)
    We have family in Germany and the UK but I just don't have the fund$ to visit now...someday...

    Stopping by with TT Hop =)

  7. oh girl, i am nostalgic for the UK and i have never even been there! visiting Europe and particularly England is my dream; it's on my mental 30 before 30 list. i don't know what it is about the UK that is so alluring to me. perhaps it is the fact that i was pretty much raised on British novels :)

  8. Ah England, I wish I had the funds to visit/live there, the history is so rich and I'm a sucker for a castle. I would live in one if I could. I may just have to try the jack the ripper tour and the Sherlock Holmes pub when I eventually do go.

  9. it very nice , actually when i was reading this blog, i have little smile on my face , thanks for sharing for this story

  10. I love London too! It is a beautiful city! It is hard for me to just pick one though... I lived there for a few months and it is great to kind of slow down and get to know the city a bit! I hope you get a chance to live there!


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