Wednesday, 13 July 2011

The Proposal.

I just really like that movie, so I decided to do an entire post about it...

Just kidding (not about liking the movie because it is pretty good). Go no further, non-mushy types as I am about to recount how my Husband proposed.

So at the end of 2008, I started to get the feeling that BF (now Husband) was thinking of proposing. Even though we'd actually been together for about 6 years by that point, for some reason this really freaked me out. I think I was happy with how things were and I've always been awful with change, even something good. And we were only 23, which seemed quite young to be thinking about something so serious. So stupidly, I told BF that if he was planning on asking me, I'd like him to wait. I would have said yes, but I would have been more freaked out than happy, which wasn't a good start to an engagement. It turned out that actually he wasn't just thinking of proposing, he'd actually already made specific plans to do so, and I ruined them. Thankfully we didn't break up, and BF tried very hard to be understanding, although it was difficult for him (and fair enough too). 

About 6 months later, I basically said I'm happy for you to propose now. This was in May, and then May ended. Then June came and went without a proposal. I was starting to actually get a bit grumpy: why wasn't he proposing (don't worry, I realise I'm horrible)! Anyway, early July I was heading over to New Zealand for a few days to visit my Dad, Stepmother and half-siblings. The night before I left, BF took me to a really fancy dinner at the Sydney Opera house, and then to see the Sydney Symphony Orchestra. It was a lovely evening, and I thought for sure this was it. It wasn't. Anyway, the next day BF nicely drove me to the airport. As we were saying goodbye I said I was really sad he wasn't coming. He said he'd miss me and he wished he'd thought to get his passport so he'd been able to come. Oh well. 

The second last day in New Zealand we were having lunch with a few extra relatives over. I asked Dad if I could call BF to speak to him, and he said I could. When I called his mum answered, and said (in fairly broken English since she's Greek): "no he's not here - do you like the surprise?" "err, what surprise?" at this point BF's sister hurriedly got on the phone and said "don't listen to her she's crazy, he's not here but I'll tell him you called". I thought that was weird, but whatever. Perhaps he was going to propose when I got home? Anyway, I went and sat back down. Not 10 minutes later,  the room went weirdly silent, so I looked up and there he was! I'm usually pretty good at guessing when he's up to something, but I was so shocked to see him there. I didn't have any clue that he was coming over to surprise me. I immediately asked "what are you doing here!?" to which he mumbled a non-committal response. He came and sat down next to me in the lounge room, looking quite sheepish and red-faced. He kept giving me weird looks but still didn't really talk at all. I obviously guessed why he was there and to hurry it along I said: "do you want a tour of the house?" since he'd never been there before. A bit lame but whatever. Anyway we went into the room I was staying and I closed the door.
My Dad made us stand out in the garden for photos.

"So what are you doing here?" I said.
"Well..." he began
"Hey look at this thing I want to show you!?!?!" in burst my little sister holding a random toy, to which BF without a word turned her around and shut the door behind her.
Finally alone, he asked me to marry him. 

When we came out to announce we were engaged, everyone was shocked, except my Dad. He'd apparently been in on it the whole time and never said a word, and had actually snuck out to get champagne! FiancĂ© stayed to celebrate with us, before announcing that he had a plane to catch. He actually had only flown over for a few hours to propose! He'd never even been to NZ before and had only a brief glimpse of it in the taxi to the house, and now he was going home again. I was sad to see him leave, but happy to know that when I got back to Sydney the next day he - and our future together - were waiting. Let's all say it: AWWWW.

Feel free to share your story in the comments :)

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  1. My favourite part: "It turned out that actually he wasn't just thinking of proposing, he'd actually already made specific plans to do so, and I ruined them."
    Ha, ha ... I laughed out loud when I read that. This is a great story.

    PS I'm taking a well-earned break.

  2. How freaking adorable!! Love that photo of you two, what a pair of good-lookin' kids!

  3. soo fun!! I love reading about proposals. Everyone has such a similar, yet vastly different experience!! My husband asked, no told me, to get him a glass of water. When I came back into the room it's a good thing he was on one knee else the water would have been in his face ;)

    Loving your blog, lady!

  4. GAG!!!!

    Haha. No I am so kidding. I think that is one of the best proposal stories I have heard. I love surprises. :D So cute and original. I know a few certain people who could take a page out of John's book for creativeness. Or I could just whack them with the book. That tends to work too.

  5. We went on a mini-vacation to Wheeling, WV to go to the casino, etc with a couple we know who were getting married in September 2010. On the way back to the hotel the last night we were there my fiance and his friend suggested that we stop at the garden area outside of Oglebay country club to walk around (they had seen the area earlier in the day and thought it was nice). So we stopped and much to our disappointment the lights were out! I expected to head back to the hotel at that point, but the rest of them started to get out of the car so I followed suite.

    So there we were, wandering around in the dark garden/fountain area of Oglebay, when we split from our friends. My fiance took my hand and led me under a canopy with basket of hanging flowers. "I wish this was mistletoe," he said. I just laughed and said he didn't need mistletoe to kiss me! So we kissed for a minute and then he asked me, "Do me a favor." I asked what he needed and he got down on one knee. "Will you spend the rest of your life with me?" he said.

    So of course I squeal and say yes. We hug, we kiss, I almost cry. He puts the ring on my finger and is horrified when it doesn't slide on easily. However, after a little maneuvering we got it to fit.

    So then it was my turn. Little did he know that I was anticipating his question and had bought him an engagement ring as well. So I asked, "Can YOU do me a favor?" And as he asked what I pulled the box from my purse and dropped to one knee. Through my giggling I asked, "Will you marry me?" And, not surprisingly, he accepted.

  6. Ah I love this! Sounds like something I would do, I always ruin my BF's fun. :D

    Ryan @ Thismustbetheplaceryan


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