Friday, 15 July 2011

Burnt is an all-too-familiar smell at my place...

Chocolate topping tar, and dog-poo frisbees.
After being somewhat pleased at my attempt to make a pie last night (essentially just slow cooked casserole into the oven with pastry on top), and wanting a break from uni work, I decided to make some treats. Looking up recipes would have been a good idea, but I of course did not bother with that. My first attempt was little chocolate and peanut butter puffs. I decided to use some hershey's kisses. Well they didn't turn out too well, as unsurprisingly the pastry puffed up, and popped the chocolate and peanut butter off! I managed to get them back on, but the result was still underwhelming (puffs of pastry with what looked like tiny bits of dog poo on top). Then I turned to little pastry scrolls of chocolate and peanut butter. Not wanting to waste more hershey's (they are actually husbands'), the only other chocolate I could find was chocolate topping. That'll work right...? WRONG. Yet again the smell of burning has filled my house. All I can say is I'm glad I used baking paper so the baking tray isn't ruined (like when I had to chuck out the saucepan after burning icecream).



  1. You could call the title of this post "creative genius in the kitchen" ... I like to be creative when cooking too (clearly, I was meant to be an artist) but my boyfriend has already asked me to stick to archaeology & let him cook. Pft!

  2. This made me laugh so much. My favorite line has to be "puffs of pastry with what looked like tiny bits of dog poo on top". That caught me so off guard.

    even if it wasn't a success I commend you for trying. I love to cook and I especially enjoy creating my own recipes. I have an entire section of my blog dedicated to posting the recipes I create.

    Have fun with your experimentation!

  3. I love cooking--but I used to burn everything, for years! It was sort of a big joke and Flaming Tatertots became a commonly used phrase in my house.... I would cook tater tots and they would roll off the pan. I just left them in the bottom of the oven and then eventually one caught fire and...well... it was a thing. hahaha. But now I love cooking... the only thing that really changed was I became more interested in experimenting, which sounds like what you're doing now :)

  4. Ah dear burnt cooking is unforunately an all to familiar smell as I am easily distracted and too lazy to learn how to work our oven clock!
    Hope you were able to nibble around the burnt bits anyway! :)

  5. practice makes perfect right?
    although I'm glad you didn't "waste" any more hersheys! yummmm.
    chocolate topping? as in the stuff you put on ice cream? interesting.

  6. Those are all the reasons I study recipes before I cook anything new :D hahaha

  7. Hi there, first time visiting your blog! Hilarious story - we've all had serious mishaps in the kitchen. I just had one while trying something new for guests! Think you'll try this one again?

  8. Surprisingly, my husband actually liked the taste of both of them (even the chocolate topping tar - yes like what you put on icecream hehe) and said he'd eat them again... *shrugs*


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