Monday, 30 May 2011

Creativity attempt - complete!

So in my new quest to accomplish 30 life goals before 30, I became re-interested in #9: finishing my honeymoon collage. See here for the before shots.

And now for the finished product (prepare to be underwhelmed hahaha):

click to enlarge

It looks better in real life, I promise! I'm fairly happy with the result, but to be honest my ever-enduring impatience won out. Instead of fiddling around wondering where each bit should go, I just started gluing and hoped for the best! Husband seems fine about it hanging somewhere in our house, so that's the main thing I suppose!


  1. It looks really good! Great way to capture your holiday :)

  2. "I just started gluing and hoped for the best!"

    Don't you know that's the very definition of creativity?

    Really, you're too hard on yourself. It looks wunderbar!


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