Saturday, 14 May 2011

Passive Aggressive Notes

Well as can be seen in my 'Websites I Frequent - Sometimes Too Often' list, one of my favourites is Passive Aggressive Notes. Basically, it involves people sending in pictures of weird notes they've come across. 

The reason I'm mentioning this, is that a little while ago Husband and I were looking for an apartment to live in. Two streets away from where we ended up, we came across a place that was kinda crummy, except that it had a pool. But then again - sharing a pool with randoms is a bit gross. Anyway, while on the way out, I came across these notes in a common area and couldn't resist taking a picture. The second one is long, but quite amusing and well worth the read (click to open in new window and enlarge - if in a hurry at least skip to a bit after half way). I'm almost a little sad we didn't pick this place because Ivan* seems like a fun guy.

*different Ivan to this one.


  1. How DARE someone dump rubbish in the rubbish area. HONESTLY. What had this world come to!

    Oh I get it, they are dumping it rather tahn just putting it in the bins.

    Wow, he sounds so attractive!! I am so surprised that you didn't want to move in that day with people who are so laid back and welcoming as that! haha

    Have added this site to my list now! LOVE these kinds of things. I have one of my own that I will post on my blog and will link back here. Too funny!!

  2. LOL. Even if I thought myself a little on the pudgy side, I don't think I'd EVER refer to myself as rotund.

    Hehe yeh it's a great website. I did actually send something there once (not this one, but a note someone put on the microwave at uni), but they never posted it :(

  3. Yes, I'm still catching up on past posts... and would like to take this moment to say that Ivan sounds like a character, to say the least. Also, I have never met anyone who has described themselves as being "rotund" either. Quite an interesting fella. Just for laughs, you two should've hung out at the place just to catch the "filthy pig" and pocket the $50.


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