Wednesday, 25 May 2011

WTH Wednesdays + Husband Quotes: Combined at Last?!

Planking Australia Facebook Page
I think it might be mostly an Australian thing (although there are fears it's SPREADING TO NZ!!!) so far. Love it or hate it, it's caught a lot of attention: PLANKING. What is it? Well, it "involves somebody lying flat on their stomach in unusual or different environments, [it] is a burgeoning internet craze that has attracted thousands of fans right across Australia" - Article from the Brisbane Times.
Here's where the husband quotes part comes in. Last week I came back to my desk in the PhD office to find the following note about a called I'd missed:

"[husband] called, he wanted to tell you he went on facebook finally. He took a planking photo". 

Husband never uses facebook (to the point where he'll attempt to boycott events where he was only invited via facebook - at least he gets into the boycotting spirit) and so he thought it worthy of calling to tell me he'd gone on to post his planking picture. While some of these attempts can be amusing and require a fair bit of skill (I'll admit I attempted it badly on a table), people have taken it way too far and mostly it's just become pretty dangerous. This is evidenced by reports of people being seriously hurt attempting these stunts. I have one word for these people (no offence Husband but you're included hehe): GOOBERS. 

P.S. According to this article, planking is so out, and teapotting is now in!? Slow news day I guess.


  1. This planking rubbish needs to die already. It looks so morbid. Really embarrassed to be an Aussie when we are being linked to that crap!

    When I went home on the weekend, my dad (who is one of those annoying always happy, joking, singing types - I swear I was adopted) was 'planking' on the floor when i walked in (according to my mum he saw my car arrive out the front and rushed to set up). I will admit I laughed and told him I officially disown him as a father. He is lucky he thinks the whole thing is a joke too otherwise I probably would.
    Point: If my DAD has cottoned on to what planking is..... then the fad is officially OUT. Move on people. The old folks are in, you should be out!


  2. I totally don't understand the appeal of planking. I think my favourite thing about it was when I found out that the guy who planked on a police car got arrested for trespassing. Hilarious!

    At least with teapotting, you don't have to lay facedown on a garbage bin!!! ;)

  3. Okay, call me ignorant but that planking business is awesome! Maybe I'll bring it to the US. Is the point to take pictures planking in weird spots? Is it a game? I must know.

    PS - I agree 100% with your husband about Facebook. AAAaaack.

  4. @ Anide - I'm still laughing at the thought of your dad planking on the floor.

    @ Melbourne - haha yeh I heard about that. I'm glad he got caught!

    @Becca - Yeh basically you just plank in weird spots. Mostly it started off being funny, but people have gotten riskier and riskier to try and outdo other people and that's where the problem is.

  5. Planking.


    Just why?


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