Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Orange playdough man

I have yet another passive-aggressive note to share with you. This appeared on the microwave in our PhD office kitchen a little while ago.

click to enlarge
A few thoughts:
1. There are no cameras.
2. Orange 'playdough' man!?
3. I wish there were cameras, I wanted to see the explosion!
4. I don't know who did it but I do have my suspicions...
5. The note mysteriously disappeared one day.
6. I did send this to and they've never shown it. WHYYYYYYY!!


  1. Ha, ha ... I have Creative Writing students (ie the 'interesting' PhD students) down the hall are there have been many interesting displays, including:
    - a Justin Beiber wall outside their office!?
    - a petition to save said wall
    - defacing of said wall
    - a note critiquing said deface & recommendations the culprit attend English class as there were spelling mistakes in said deface
    It was amusing whilst it lasted ...

  2. Ha ha, that's hilarious! I love that someone at a university MADE a man out of orange playdough, let alone the fact that they subsequently felt the need to put him in a microwave!!

    The original note is passive-aggressive enough, without the hand written part! That sucks that they didn't feature it...

  3. This sign is hilarious!!!! Some definite passive aggressiveness!

  4. WHAAAATT????! Lol this is too much, I can't stop laughing!!!!

  5. Too funny! For so many reasons. Orange playdough man explosion....

  6. This is INSANELY HILARIOUS!!! I'm still smiling right now as I type :D


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