Saturday, 4 June 2011

One day I could be a great absent-minded professor.

On the way to uni the other day I received a phone call. Much to my surprise, it was from the police station near my house. Obviously getting a call from the police can be a little unnerving. However I realised it was my friend, who is a policeman. I thought perhaps he was just playing a prank and just wanted a friendly chat about something until this:

Him: So - have you lost your keys?
Me: No... I don't think so *rummages around in bag, GASP* I have!

It turns out, checking the mail on my way to the train station that morning I was happy to find a phonecover I'd ordered from ebay had arrived! YAY. So I opened it up, put it on my phone and went on my way. Some really nice person later on saw my keys still sticking out of the mail box, took note of the address and went and handed them in at the police station. Thank God it was that person that found them and not somebody who decided to rob the place instead! Also, I'm told that usually what happens is people hand in keys, but if they don't know the address they go in the 'key drawer', usually never to be used again. Not many people think to go ask the police about their keys, but anyone turning up at the police for keys have the lucky task of searching through the drawer on the off-chance somebody handed them in.

I wish I had these Tiffany & Co. keys (though maybe I'd lose them too!)

I often tease my husband about his forgetfulness (he's lost keys and wallets on several occasions), but I knew I had to own up to this mishap since my friend now knows what a goober I am. I have grave concerns for any future children Husband and I may have!


  1. Hah! One of the women I admire most is quite absent minded. I remember thinking at the beginning of my degree, "If she can be a lecturer, surely I will have no worries" ... FYI I'm quite absent minded at times. I think it's a sign of a hard working/thinking person (well, that's my excuse anywho ... even if it stretches the truth a little). xo

  2. Hello again (I'm not stalking you),
    I thought anyone who does a PhD & writes a blog deserves an award so I gave you one. Details over at my blog. Enjoy xo

  3. I am the EXACT same! I have convinced myself that I have early-onset alzeimers but then I forget about it until I forget something else.

    HAHA!! Didn't we have three children not two? hahaha

  4. Love this post! I have written to letters to my brain, thus far to no avail!! I am still as absentminded as before... !

    I am now following you because I love silly, absentminded people!! We make the world more interesting, plus busy finding our keys!

  5. lucky ducky!!! Glad you found your keys I HATE loosing them. Once my hubby left them in the front door of our apartment lol!! silly bean!

    New follower via the hop, very nice to meet you :)

  6. in my classroom, I give one student the job of finding my belongings for the week. they are in charge of telling me where I put my keys, placed my papers, etc. so right there with you, along with my 29 4th graders.

  7. It's always frightening to lose your keys or your purse or anything that personal. I'm just glad that there are still honest people in this world.


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