Wednesday, 15 June 2011

An update of sorts.

I don't have anything particularly gripping to share today, but more just a combination of tidbits of information (I don't think I've ever said tidbit in my life, so there you go).

So attractive...
If you look over at my 30 before 30 page, you'll see I've crossed another thing off my list! I vowed to wear my horrible banana coat out in public, and the other day I did. Husband and a few friends had quite the laugh, especially when I matched not only some road workers with their high visibility vests, but also the curb at a service station, which was painted yellow to make sure people don't fall. It was fun though. Still not sure I'd wear it seriously however.

Secondly, I've lost my wallet (I know I was joking about being an absent minded professor not that long ago, but this is a bit much)! Somewhere over the long weekend it must have fallen out of my bag. I didn't even realise until Monday. Pretty crummy since I have to get replacements of all my cards etc., and particularly bad timing since...

I'm going to NYC next week!! Next Friday, to be exact. Hooray, but also, AARGH! It is very soon and I'm still working on my data and talk (and trying to make sure all my cards get replaced). I'm still not really looking forward to the flights either. However stay tuned for a post soon about getting over fears of flying... it's probably mostly to convince myself but maybe it will help some other people too! 

Lastly, I have a Productive June update for you. June has been very productive so far, I really only have one day of procrastinating to report, and that was the day before the long weekend, which everyone pretty much just phones in anyway. Also, I was very excited to find out that Productive June has now taken off in a whole different department in the uni, thanks to a friend over there. They're displaying guilt-inducing posters and everything! HOORAY! is your Productive June going?

OK that's it for now. Sorry if that was particularly dull, but hey, the posts can't always be about the zombopocalypse (or can they...)!?


  1. I've been horribly afraid of flying. I'd been on one flight before last year, and it was awful. But then last year, after a lot of talking about my fears and trying to get through them, I made it through a flight just fine! It wasn't so bad. I hope you find yourself in the same situation :)

    New York City! I want to go to NYC so bad, have ridiculous fun! :)

    What an awful time to lose your wallet! I lose things constantly, so I know how it is. replacing your cards, ugh.

  2. Oh no, losing your wallet is always a pain in the arse, but a week or so before you go overseas?? Yowza... Hopefully you sort it all out without any hassles!

    Having just checked out your 30 before 30 list, you should *definitely* go and see a musical on Broadway! If you're willing to line up at like 7am on the day, you can get last minute rush tickets to a bunch of stuff. I saw Spamalot for $25 when I was last in NYC!

    Anyway, give it a couple of days and you'll be getting some delicious treats in the post ;)

  3. I find the older I get, the less I care about what others think. Wear what you like and enjoy the attention. lol

    Good luck on getting your cards.

    Bella Vida by Letty
    Have a great day.

  4. have fun in NYC! i love that place :)

  5. I LOVE YOUR BANANA COAT!! You should totally pack it for NYC : )

  6. Maybe you should go for the punk/biker style and get a wallet chain to attach to your belt. Just a thought... 'cause I think they're cool... and want one myself.


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