Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Semester craziness begins.

The second semester started last week. With this comes tutoring (and I'm even doing a lecture) and also resuming experimenting (once people sign up). Obviously these are both good things in that I get paid to tutor, and I get data for my experiment. But most days I just feel like this:

PhD Comics: Undergrad Cooties

...Come back, holidays!


  1. Haha, I'm teaching for the first time (seminars and some lectures) when our new semester starts in October, and I already feel exactly like that cartoon...

  2. We've been having some lovely weather lately, so I've been enjoying lunch outside. But as soon as 1pm rolls around, the undergrads are out for lunch and I head, no, RUN back inside.

  3. I hope your sanity stays intact! Don't stress too much. And spoil yourself when you can :-)

  4. haha! How many times a week do you tutor?

  5. @Cecilia - knowing when classes start/finish is good so I can avoid being outside during those times (especially to avoid super long lines at shops)!

    @Faith - I teach 2 classes but they're 2 hours each and back to back, so four hours seems to really drag on!


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