Monday, 8 August 2011

Not a very good post.

Well, in that it's really only a few bits and pieces of what I've been up to, instead of a particular story. So imagine we're catching up for a coffee (or sugarfree energy drink) and you have asked me: what's been going on lately? 

Unfortunately, nobody has yet signed up for my experiment which is a bit of a bummer. I suspended it for half of last semester to sort out biohazard issues, but now they're all fine it'd be nice if people wanted to actually do my experiment! In the mean time, I've been working on statistics and writing up my second paper (and kind of ignoring for now my first paper that needs re-working due to being rejected) which I'm finding interesting at least.

I finished reading the book The Passage. I feel this is worth mentioning, as firstly it was a really interesting book, and secondly because I was so enthralled by it that it took over a few of my days so I wasn't doing much else in that time! I'm looking forward to the second and third parts of the series.

Finally, my tax return came in on Saturday and so I bought an iPad 2! It is pretty. I am planning to do a post shortly on some really cool science/nerdy apps that I have come across.
So pretty...

Well now I should probably get back to work! Sorry for the lack of posts lately peeps, but stay tuned :)


  1. Nothing like a new gadget and really cool science/nerdy apps to distract oneself from work!

    Meanwhile, my stressed-out, super-busy friend commented that her brain had turned into cotton candy. I told her that her brain sounded tasty. Is this the first stage of a zombie outbreak?

  2. good luck writing those papers... eek.
    There's a zombie outbreak at UWA... maybe you've been infected by reading my blog?

  3. @Cecilia - yes, yes I think that is. Very concerning (and yet it does sound kind of tasty hehe)!

    @Little Missy Me - thanks! And there's a zombie outbreak...? Consider the lab a good place to barricade yourself :P

  4. Huh. There's more to "The Passage"? I thought it was a weird book and I know weird. Hmm, maybe will have to check it out.

    Hey, what happened as a result of the "happy homemaker" survey you gave your husband?

    Happy Comment Love Day! Or, night in your case.

  5. @Mollie - thanks for your comment! :)
    As for the survey, he seemed pretty bemused by it but did fill it out in the end. Not much in his responses surprised me, but at least he realised I care about doing the things he likes!

  6. I loved The Passage! Could not put it down. I did freak out a little when I found out I had to wait until next year to get ahold of the second book though!


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