Sunday, 21 August 2011

Early warning signs your child may turn into a nerd.

Rainier: (talking about the new movie he's in) My son returns from a fancy east coast college and I'm horrified to find he's a nerd.
Kent: Hahah, I'm laughing already.
Rainier: It's not a comedy. 

Case Study: L, started off as a seemingly normal child, but as time went on started to become a little too interested in spending all her time reading. Favourite books were those teaching about science, and often led to impromptu experiments such as making a barometer. Attempts to get her involved in sport were soon considered futile. Often claimed when she grew up she wanted to be a doctor. Her favourite poster was not of a celebrity, but of the solar system. Would often stay awake worrying about what was there before the universe started. Even though she received roller blades one Christmas, she turned out to be much more excited about the microscope set she had begged for. She could then be seen for hours outside collecting specimens (mostly leaves because bugs are gross), dissecting them, and staining them to look at under the microscope. There was a period of optimism once she became a teen that she would turn out normal (with a short duration of being interested in girly things like lip gloss and backstreet boys), but alas, these disappeared once she decided to read psychology textbooks for amusement. She is now a PhD candidate, and all hope is lost for her not being a nerd.

You too can buy a microscope set for your nerdy kid here. Though why encourage it, really.

As illustrated in this case study, you can see that the nerdiness only grew worse with time. It is important to recognise nerdy behaviours early on and act accordingly.  

Possible outcomes of having a nerd as a child may include: them having a PhD, winning a Nobel Prize, making millions of dollars from patenting an awesome idea ... scary stuff.


  1. I never got a microscope as a child! :(

  2. Me neither, and I'm the one who wants to do my microbiology phD... hahaha. But agreed on the lack of sport and increased amounts of reading. So totally my childhood.

  3. I was a pretty nerdy didn't rock at the time but it does now! :)

  4. Loved my microscope...but I loved my sweet mountain bike more. Oh, and my brother's race cars and rubber dinosaurs. I feel well-rounded!

  5. I had that same kit from the photo! I wore my dad's white button up shirt as a lab coat.

  6. I guess that explains it all then. I had the microscope kit and I turned out to be a microbiology tech. Go figure. Stopping by from FTLOB.

  7. I had always wished as a kid that my parents had gotten me a microscope!

  8. @Faith McKay That is so cute! I wish I had thought to do that! :P


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