Thursday, 4 October 2012

A new low.

I may not be the most absent-minded person ever, but I'm definitely not the least either. I can now report that I've reached a new low in absent-minded-ness (previously the title was probably held by this incident). 

Yesterday (Wednesday) I was at a meeting at uni, and I returned to the office to find out Husband had called frantically looking for me. Apparently he was wondering whether I was home and had just stepped out for a minute. He had just returned home from work to find out the place was very warm. Very very warm. So warm, in fact, that something was on fire. That something was a tray on the stove. Husband thought perhaps I'd been cooking and had stepped out briefly and forgotten to turn the stove off. 

This is quite concerning for a couple of reasons:

1. I had been at uni all day, and definitely didn't cook that morning.
2. I didn't even cook the day before that, we had takeout. 
3. I'd left a big bottle of oil right next to the stove. If the flames reached it, the kitchen might have exploded!

The only possible conclusion therefore is that I had left the stove (and apparently also the oven) on from the last time I'd cooked - Monday night. Yep, that's two whole days. 

I'm not looking forward to the next electricity bill. I'm also a little freaked out that I nearly made the house burn down. 

I'd like to blame the dreaded thesis for this absent-minded episode, but actually Husband and I had been away relaxing for the long weekend (where 'thesis' was a banned word). So really, it's just me.


P.S. The weekend away was to a place called Sanctuary Point, about 2.5 hours drive from Sydney. It was lovely. We also went on a short whale and dolphin watching cruise which was awesome (besides the sea-sickness). 

This is the view from the ruined light house in the national park near Sanctuary Point. Pretty.


  1. Oh dear! Done plenty of such things myself!

  2. that's actually very reassuring for me, to know that a stove/oven can be left on for two whole days without burning the house down... I am afraid to leave it on for even an hour and not be at home...which is a pain when roasting a turkey all day long, like for thanksgiving this weekend

  3. I think it is very fair to blame thesis brain. Yup. Totes the fault of the thesis.

  4. Oh my goodness, I'm just glad that you're okay and that your home is okay! Patrick is paranoid about these things. He does a quick check before we leave the house (because this is something I could very likely do as well!)

  5. Oh my! I'm glad everything is ok - I once left an electronic stove burner on for several hours and when I finally figured out that something smelled a bit charred - I walked into the kitchen to find the stove glowing red :(


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