Wednesday, 22 August 2012


My flight to the UK is on Sunday. I can't believe just how quickly it has come around. As mentioned earlier, I'll be in London for a week and then I'm heading north to Bangor in Wales for my neuro course. I was supposed to be meeting with academics while in London to discuss potential jobs, but unfortunately it doesn't look like that will happen. Either people are still away (since it's uni summer holidays over there) or they do not have any money to hire anyone right now. One person said they'd be happy to meet, but when I tried to get them to set a specific date they never got back to me. Helpful. So instead for that week in London I'll just try to work on my thesis. 

A few people have said I should just enjoy my time there and not think about writing at all. I don't think I can do that entirely however. A friend of mine will be in London for some of that time so I'll make sure to have some fun... though I'll probably enjoy myself more if I've done a fair bit of work and therefore don't have to feel guilty about getting further behind (my self-imposed schedule).

On a sort-of-related-note, here's a movie not to watch just before you travel alone overseas: Taken. I was so focused on worrying about the flights that I forgot all about the possibility of being kidnapped and forced into trafficking. However I will say I am not as stupid as the girls in the movie to tell complete strangers where they'll be staying alone. Goobers. It's a good movie though - I'm sure husband would have enjoyed it more if I didn't spend the whole time going "Oh NO! What if I get TAKEN!" 

He did say he'd come get me though, so that's nice.


  1. Seriously, best husband ever.

    Also, I admire your adherence to your own schedule. You inspire me. :)


  2. If you manage to write over there, please let me know. If you can write while in the UK, I can write in Fargo, North Dakota. Best wishes to you: enjoy your time and safe travels (and don't think about Taken!).

  3. I reckon you should do some thesis, but definitely do some touristy stuff, 'cause it would be a waste if you didn't do something awesome like check out the Borough markets or drink lots of yummy beer. Hopefully you'll get some glorious blue skies, to which I suggest buying some picnic goodies and chillaxing in Hyde Park.
    Speaking of being kidnapped, my friend and I are trying to find cheap hotels in Asia, to which most of them end up being in the red light district - um, heck no!

  4. having your own Liam Neeson should make you a little more relaxed. I think its good to both enjoy yourself but not get behind. Your in london so man live it up while you can.


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