Thursday, 19 July 2012


Plane tickets and accommodation for my trip to the UK have been sorted! I'll be in London for about a week, and then heading up to Bangor in Wales for my neuroanatomy course. I'm supposed to be organising to meet with academics from different universities for while I'm in London, however it has been quite difficult to pin people down to agree to meet with me. It is a bit hard to get a job if I can't actually talk to anyone! I still have several weeks to go though so hopefully it will get sorted. If not I will have a fair bit of time on my hands in London. Unfortunately I will probably be a bit boring and use the time to work on writing my thesis. At least I've been to London twice before so I've seen many of the attractions already. Also from what the travel agent told me yesterday, even though the olympics will be over by the time I get there a lot of the visitors will still be around so the city will still be super packed. All the more reason to avoid the really popular places! I'm sure I'll find some cool places to write though, and definitely do not plan to be cooped up in the hotel the whole time.

While I do mean to mostly write while there, the place I've booked to stay at is right near the British Museum which I haven't visited before, and I am considering one of those big day tours (if they're not all booked out).There's one that goes to the Cotswolds which looks pretty amazing.

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Then of course there's the train trip up to Bangor (which is pretty northern) so I'll get a good chance to see the countryside then as well. I'm also very nerdishly excited about the neuroanatomy stuff too. 

So here I am again, thinking of the UK instead of focusing on my thesis... oops.


  1. Yey! It sounds like it'll be awesome!

    To be honest, there is never a time of year when London isn't packed, so I dread to think how crammed it will be for the Olympics. The British Museum is great :D

    Also, my best friend did her Psychology BSc at Bangor and she loved it up there. It's a very beautiful part of Wales. Enjoy!

  2. I LOVE the British Museum. I was just thinking the other day that one day (probably when I am older and hopefully have seen all the world) my husband and I should do a museum trip just to see the worlds greatest museums.

    1. I think that sounds like an awesome idea!

  3. Getting the flights booked is so exciting! From your plans it sounds like you're going to have a great trip. Just get as much of the writing as you can done! You're almost there! xoxo

  4. Awesome! Sounds like a great plan.
    Academics are always awkward to get a hold of. Hopefully you'll get some good meetings that will get the ball rolling for your postdoc.
    As for things to do in London, sorry about the self-promotion here but here's my list of things to do that aren't super touristy -->

  5. Train trips! Oh, I love train trips! I always feel like a lame traveler because I spend a lot of my time in different places doing the things I normally do (writing, mostly), but being in a new place and writing is fantastic! You can write while writing on the train! You can write while you're staring out at London. These are some pretty cool grown up things :)

    Good luck!


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