Thursday, 5 April 2012

New Plans or Just Dreaming?

I've started to become a bit reluctant to share (on here, but also with others in person) what I think is potentially newsworthy in my life, since I realised (eventually - it had to happen sometime) that I often come up with grand schemes that don't always go anywhere. The "we're taking a giant trip to the USA" post comes to mind. We were originally going to go this September, then it was pushed back to sometime next year, and now... well not sure if it's happening to be honest.

However at the same time, I doubt I'm going to stop coming up with big plans, especially since they're so fun to think about. Also it's my blog so I can dream on it if I want to!

I'm still hoping to finish my PhD by the end of this year. The plans/dreams concern what I would be doing next year. Originally I was hoping to get a job at a neighbouring university, and therefore stay in Sydney. However when discussing this with my supervisor, she mentioned that it is quite difficult career-wise to stay in the same place. Universities want to hire academics from different countries, or at least people with experience working in another country. I ended up speaking to Husband about this, and he was surprisingly fine with us moving overseas if I got a post-doctoral position somewhere. Post-doc jobs typically last 2 years, and then we could come back to Sydney, and I might have a better chance of securing a permanent position here with the international experience.

London (from my pinterest board 'dreaming of the UK').
Thinking about this possibility allowed my wish to live in the UK to resurface. I would find it hard to move there forever as I'd miss people here too much, but knowing I could potentially stay there for a year or two would be lovely. So now in the next few months when I have to start looking for work for next year, the UK is going to be my first choice. The hard thing though is - in my head I've already moved there and am having a wonderful time. This just makes it that much more disappointing if it doesn't actually occur. 

Plus, well I suppose I should also work on making sure I do finish my PhD first! But dreaming of my possible adventures over there is much more enjoyable right now...


  1. This sounds like an awesome plan! Anything that will give you a step up over the competition is probably a good idea :)

  2. HOW FREAKING AWESOME! You have been given the golden ticket - go move overseas. And not only move overseas, but you can bypass the whole working holiday visa bulsh and get a sponsorship visa. homygawd!
    But, it'll be hard, and it sucks missing people.
    It's also great that your husband is supportive too :)

  3. Ooo fun! I hope you find something!

  4. It's always good to have big plans! :) I have about a year and a half left of my PhD, and I am willing to move overseas or anywhere in America for a first job or post doc position. I think you have to be willing to move around early in your career. Best of luck to you and keep sharing your dreams! :)

  5. I love that you dream on your blog. No one is keeping tally marks as to how many dreams come to fruition and how many do not, so please keep the dreams alive! (And anyone who is need a high five in the face with a fist.) Shoot for the moon, and you'll lands amongst the stars. :)

  6. Always keep dreaming, and don't worry about what people will say when it doesn't work out. At least you have the guts to share your dreams and desires!

    Happy Weekend!

    Liesl xxx

  7. Well naturally I would say GO GO GO! Haha. It is always tough to leave loved ones behind. It is amazing how even your annoying family members can be sincerely missed when you have been away from them for a long time.

    If I can offer one piece of thought to mull over, you need to remember that it wouldn't be forever (maybe hehe), it is an experience that you can not replicate while in Australia and that if it doesn't work out... you can come home.

    Life is too short to not do the things that will make us happy, if even for a moment. (so long as it's legal haha)

    (and in regards to disappointment when things fall through you just have to remember.... if it doesn't work out, it was never meant to be and there is always a reason that it doesn't even if we can't see it yet. :D )

  8. Go for the post doc! I just discovered your blog, now following!

    x Eve (another PhD psychology student)


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