Tuesday, 10 April 2012

I saw this and thought of you.

I didn't think I was that obsessed with zombies, or that I talk about them that much. However I must do, based on the amount of times recently that someone has sent a zombie link/photo my way saying it made them think of me. I'm choosing to take that as a compliment. Hahah. So here are some of the awesome things I've been sent. 

From blogger Little Missy Me [via]
I so wish I had a reason to place this sign somewhere! Maybe on the door of my apartment??

Not only did Cecilia point out to me this awesome article I mentioned in a previous post about an accident on the set of a zombie movie that confused/concerned paramedics thinking all the injuries were real, but she also introduced me to the trailer of the scary TV show The Walking Dead. Creepy, but cool.

I've still not actually seen the show, but writing this post reminded me to get Season One on iTunes, so that's what I'm currently downloading now!

My mentioning I hope to compete in the City to Surf in zombie attire prompted Shane to show me this awesome link of a 5k run in Pittsburgh called Run For Your Lives, which is an obstacle course with zombies chasing you. I so wish there was one of these here in Sydney! 

In a similar vein, a uni friend of mine pointed out this awesome app (called zombies run) you can use on your smart phone for when you go for a run. It takes you on missions to get supplies, or kill a group of zombies, before getting you back to headquarters for safety. I definitely plan to get this shortly to re-inspire my running plans!

Lastly, is this one sent by another uni friend. It however, disturbed me a bit. I do think the idea is cool, but really wouldn't want to have this at home!  

That is all. 

Question for you:
Do you have a 'thing' that people seem to equate with you? Does it surprise/bother/impress you?


  1. That bedding is terrifying - I wouldn't be able to sleep with that on the bed!! I tried watching the Walking Dead on the plane on the way back from the US last year. I lasted through about five minutes before the "OH GOD TOO MUCH WAITING, SOMETHING BAD IS GOING TO HAPPEN SOON" feeling got too much and I had to turn it off. Although to be fair, I am completely terrified of zombies...

    As for me, the things people send me with an "This made me think of you" message tend to be baking or Doctor Who related. I'm totally okay with that!! :)

  2. People think of me when they think of Bigfoot or horror movies. I can't deny my love/obsession for either, so I don't get too upset by it!

  3. nice zombie warning sign there :-D

    Hmm, baking things? Which reminds me, I should start on those red bull cupcakes.

    1. Oooh red bull cupcakes? That sounds interesting, I'll be interested to know how they turn out!

  4. Dear god that bedding is both horrible and awesome! I've noticed my friends equate clothes they find not very flattering and kind of boho vintage with me.
    Me: What do you think of this?
    Them: It looks like something you would wear

    What they really mean: FUGLY.

    Lol but to each their own style right?

  5. Loving that warning sign :D

    Haha, I think I equate to "average" to my friends... Hence why I started my blog! Hahahaha!

    Just btw, I found your blog through Woody's blog (right here: http://woodntyaknowit.blogspot.com.au/2012/02/this-dog-poo-is-metaphor-for-life.html). Keep writing - you're awesome! :D


  6. I have that zombies run app. It's really cool! I've only used it twice so far, but it has a pretty good story with it, and in between the story it just plays your music. The zombie parts are pretty good, and you can even set it up that when the zombies chase you you have to run faster. It's awesome!

  7. That sign and bedding are awesome! The bedding isn't something I'd have on my bed personally but it sure looks great in that picture. But that sign, that sign is something I would love to have on my property!


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