Friday, 18 November 2011

That's boring. You're boring everybody. Quit Boring Everyone!

Well now that I've prepared you for what may be a potentially boring post I will continue (though hopefully I haven't biased you towards viewing it as boring by saying that - am I over thinking this? Have I had too much caffeine? I'd say so). Anyway...

A while ago I read this article about nesting in the office. Some argue that having a clean and clutter-free work desk leads to more productivity, while others suggest that 'nesting' (having personal items, and work organised in a way that is however you want) can make you feel more comfortable and at 'home' and therefore that is more productive. I personally agree with the latter. I am so glad in the PhD office that we each get our own little cubicle that we can decorate however we want. Here's mine in case you're interested: 

Astute/regular readers will notice my 'motivational' Productive June Poster - Sleeping is for Unproductive Losers.
Much to my surprise, that plant (named Artemis Esq.) has been alive in my care since 2008!
This is Percy. He is my favourite solar-powered toy. His little head and feet move and everything!

As you can see, when it comes to decorating I am a seven year old child. I like lots of bright colours and toys. Some people may find it distracting to have all this stuff on their desk, but it just makes me feel like it is my place. Most of the time I forget it's there while I'm working, but it's a good quick mental break (and eye exercise people!) to look around at a variety of fun things.

What do you think? Is 'nesting' productive or unproductive? 

P.S. Thanks to those of you who submitted questions for my valuable 'advice'. I will work on answering some soon! There's still time to ask questions also - HERE!
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  1. Percy is adorable! I want one!!!

    For the record, I've been in my office for eight years and haven't nested. I've refused to nest. I have no personal photographs, portable heaters/fans, or toys in my cubicle because I don't want to feel at home at my job. I can't stand my job, so I keep everything impersonal. I know that when I finally find a job I love, I'll nest like crazy. Until then, however, no can do.

  2. Your desk is awesome - clearly my three smurfs and soft toy clock are insufficient! So guess what'll be coming back with me from (Melbourne) home when I go back for Christmas?!?

    I don't think I got around to explaining The Walking Dead. It's a US television show about survivors of a post-zombie-apocalyptic world. Well, until survivors are bitten and become walkers or are shot/smashed/bashed in the head. Check out the season 1 trailer here:

  3. The RA office as a whole is just a slew of everyone but mine's things everywhere, so it's pointless to decorate/have stuff.

    My desk in my room is somewhat decorated. I have some pictures of my friends and my parents, but no cool desk toys. Once I get a big girl job (ironically, hopefully at a college), I'm gonna go a little desk toy happy (probably on ThinkGeek's website).

    Your desk looks awesome and colorful - I'm jealous! :D

  4. Agreed -- I have crazy stuff all over my desk! But, it keeps things bright and cheery I think. Boring desks make me feel bored. :)

  5. Your desk looks awesome to me!

  6. THAT IS ONE SPIFFY LOOKING OFFICE! I love all the colours, and I've got two of those bobble headed thingies - one is in a bathtub.

  7. My desk looks pretty similar, right now it's covered in photographs and postcards and dinosaurs. It makes things a bit more cheerful - although I do like to distract myself by tidying it. :)

  8. I don't even think I know how to nest. I am not a very nestful person.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  9. I agree that having some personal things makes my desk feel more homey. I would prefer it be more organized though, as it is being completely swallowed by all my papers...bleh. Love Percy. I have a flower that works like that, but Percy is way cuter!

  10. ADORABLE! I like to have a little mixture of home and clean/neat. :)

  11. I always like to have my own little things on my desk. Makes it feel less like jail and more like home. :D - Although when I left my job it was a huge pain in the ass to pack everything up and take it home! haha.

    Also, your plant's name: 'esquire' reminds me of Bill & Ted. :D Bill S Preston Esquire. haha.


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