Monday, 22 July 2013

Sleep Talking Husband Strikes Again

Due to the lack of interesting things I have to say myself at the moment, I've yet again decided to resort to the sayings of my sleeping husband. This one is from a couple of days ago:

"Stop it you uncultured swine! Shush! ...................shush".

He has jokingly called me (and others) an uncultured swine when awake in the past, as it is a quote from Toy Story. However when he said it this time whilst asleep he definitely sounded serious and annoyed.

As much as I wanted to wake him up to ask about it, I decided not to. Unfortunately he had no recollection of saying this the next day, or the dream that prompted it. So this one will forever be a mystery!



  1. Haha, brilliant! I love calling people "uncultured swine" in Mr Potato Head's voice, but don't think I've ever said it in my sleep...

  2. Man, that is soooo funny. I love the sleep talking.


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