Thursday, 22 November 2012

Husband Quotes: Sleep Talking Edition #4

Yesterday was the Postgrad Conference I was involved in organising. It was a very long day and I'm glad it's over, but it went fairly well.

Anyway, I didn't get home until 11pm and went to give Husband (who was of course asleep) a hello hug. When I did, this is what he said:

"I don't want any frittata!"

Considering I made frittata the other week, and he'd never even heard of it before then, I can only assume that he didn't care for it that much if he's dreaming about avoiding eating it. He had no recollection of saying it until I (of course) teased him about it!

Oh dear, another cooking fail then I guess...

...though I thought they tasted OK! [pic via here]


  1. Hilarious! I can't imagine your frittatas were that bad :p

  2. LOL that is hilarious! Did you crack up or were you stunned?

    1. Both! I was shocked for a few seconds and then cracked up heaps! I still tease him about it now (lightheartedly of course)!

  3. LOL!! how cute! :'D

    happy 2013 to you guys. (i love how it's so green here..!)

  4. They appear delicious! I'll eat his share!

  5. mine recently sang, "I'M GOING TO THE MALL OF AMERICA!!!!" yes, you read write. he sang it.

    nomination is in, you can pick up your award here:


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