Tuesday, 4 September 2012


Part of Bangor University (via the uni website)
So I've been here in Wales for over a day now. Bangor and the surrounding areas are quite beautiful. There is a lot of greenery, a massive mountain and the seaside as well. Not to mention some really lovely old buildings. The train trip here from London was largely uneventful; I was worried about my luggage, but luckily standing by my giant bag with a perplexed look and making sighing noises worked at getting stronger people to help me lift it onto and off the train. I got here at 4pm yesterday and from what I could tell, being Sunday the shops were closed already so I just ate crackers for dinner sadly (I found out later a bunch of people found a pub to eat at, I wish I'd done that). At around 10.30pm I was drifting off to sleep when suddenly a beeping noise woke me up. At first I was very confused and thought my computer was playing up, but then realised no, it was the fire alarm and I had to evacuate. Everyone had to stand out in the parking lot in the cold (some people in pyjamas) until firefighters came to investigate. So overall not the best possible start!

Unfortunately this morning wasn't much better. I got extremely lost on the way to the first part of my course - so much so that I missed registration and the first talk. Thankfully a man specifically came up to me and asked if I was going to the course and if I was lost. It turned out he was the lecturer for the next part, so I was able to just follow him. He said my face was very successful at portraying the 'lost' concept which is why he approached me - so combining that with my 'my bags are heavy' look being quite successful too I will take this to mean I have a very expressive face. Perhaps poker is not for me however. Anyway apparently the first talk was just a general 'welcome' type thing so I didn't miss any important content. 

As for the content, it is very dense. Super interesting of course though, but quite an information overload. They also gave us all two books to keep, which is very nice. There are some very friendly people here too. I was a bit concerned as I'm not a fan of interacting with strangers, however I decided to put in an effort as I don't want to be a loner for the whole week. Especially as later this week we have a couple of outings. So shortly some of us are meeting up to go out to dinner - at least I don't have to just eat crackers again.


  1. yay for being social! much better than crackers. :) and we know you have an expressive face for dilemmas (being lost, heavy luggage)... so poker is not your game if you are losing, but what if you are winning?

  2. Bangor is very beautiful, I hope you enjoy your stay and that you have some heartier meals than crackers! And hooray for having an expressive face! I do too, apparently, which is why I am a terrible liar and also perhaps not the best at playing poker ;)

  3. Sometimes I have to consciously think about how my face looks because it is super expressive and I make faces for everything. Which means people know when I think they are boring, stupid, rude, disgusting, etc. Face checks are a must when I'm around people! I hope today goes a little more smoothly!

  4. I love expressive faces. My friend Eliza is so animated with her expressions its so great. Everyone should be so expressive.


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