Tuesday, 13 March 2012

30 Days of Movies: Two in One!

Since I've been pretty slack on this front, and to try and preempt the still ever present possibility that I might abandon this project, I am lumping two together today. So there.

Day 3: Your Favourite Action/Adventure Movie.
I have many favourites in this genre, but I think the one that was super unique when it came out, as well as very compelling, as well as Keanu Reeves-y will be my pick: The Matrix. It is the only movie I've seen at the cinema more than once (...I think).

[via imdb]
To be honest, I'm a bit 'meh' about the two follow up movies, but the original was awesome. Interesting concept and super cool special effects. It also kind of freaked me out a bit, as my 15 year old self thought: how would I know if I'm in the Matrix - this could all be real!

Day 4: Your Favourite Horror Movie.
Creepy, but awesome [via imdb]
Horror is generally not the movie genre I choose to watch, but I still have a very clear favourite: Sleepy Hollow. Part of the reason I like this movie is probably due to the lengths I went to to actually watch it! My friend (Hi Anide!) and I went to the cinema to see Sleepy Hollow the day before I turned 15. When we showed up to buy tickets I wasn't allowed as I didn't have my ID to show my age (in Australia this movie's rating meant you had to be 15+ to see it). So we caught the bus to my house, and I realised nobody was home and I didn't have my keys. So what did I do? Remove the screen from a window and break in. With my ID we went back, to which after viewing it the ticket lady asked - "Don't you turn 15 tomorrow?"

After briefly trying to pretend we thought it actually was my birthday today (which did look pretty stupid - who doesn't know exactly when their birthday is?) we then just resorted to trying to sweet talk the lady into letting me see it a day early. She finally relented and the movie scared my pants off (don't worry - not literally). Christopher Walken does creepy extremely well - to the point that it doesn't matter if he's in a movie where he's nice, he still creeps me out. Now I'm not the biggest Johnny Depp lover (sorry!), but I do like his character in this movie. I did find it hard though to see Christina Ricci as the love interest however, since I was so used to seeing her in Casper and Now and Then. Even still, the reason it's my favourite horror movie is because although there is a lot of gore, there actually is an interesting story behind it, and it's quite clever. 

Question: what movies would you have picked for action/adventure and horror as your favourites?

30 days of movies challenge from here and here.

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  1. I have a confession to make: I hated The Matrix. I'm sorry...

    In terms of action/adventure movies, I think it'd be a tie between The Mummy and Raiders of the Lost Ark. In terms of horror movies, it'd be a tie between Scream (because my best friend from high school and I once made a spoof version for year 11 English class) and Sleepy Hollow (because it's amazingly awesome)! I've never been able to look at Christopher Walken the same way since seeing that movie...


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