Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Exciting News!

Well, for me anyway. I'm not sure how exciting you'll find this information, but it's my blog and I'll say what I want to hehe. It's also not so news-y for people who also follow me on twitter since I've already mentioned it there. But oh well. By the way, before I go any further I'd like to state NO I'm not pregnant.

Since I got back from New York earlier this year, I've been thinking it would be cool to go on a longer trip to the US, as New York is the only place I've been there, and Husband hasn't been at all. However it didn't seem like it would happen any time soon. Then yesterday morning I had a dream I was organising going and talking about which places to visit. When I woke up (at 4am mind you) I was very sad to find out it wasn't real. As Husband was getting up for work at the time (poor him) I sleepily asked him if we could go next year and to my surprise he said yes! So of course this meant it was extremely difficult to get back to sleep because I started calculating in my head how much money we'd need and could save, and my list of places we could go. I finally got back to sleep a bit after 7am. When I got up again a bit later, of course I wasn't really able to get much work done. I did however make an excel spreadsheet of the order of places I wanted to go to, and how many days at each place (yes, I know how nerdy this sounds).

"I want to go to there". [map from here]

Poor Husband when he got home from work got bombarded with all my plans. When I'm really excited about something I do seem to go a bit overboard and start organising right away (if only that excitement would return about uni work!). I've very begrudgingly nicely conceded however that he is welcome to think this through for himself and change my plans accordingly, since it's his trip too!

As it stands however we'll probably be going mid September next year, for nearly two months, getting back in time for Husband's brother's wedding in November. There is one potential glitch in this plan however - which is when will I be submitting my PhD thesis? I'm hoping that having a definite deadline of when I'm leaving the country will help me to actually finish up by then. As the time gets closer, I'll have to re-evaluate how likely this is. 

For now though, I should probably stop imagining all the places we might go, and get back to uni work, or maybe I won't be finished in time! I will post later on where we plan to go once Husband agrees with me helps decide our itinerary :P


  1. Woohoo!

    I love traveling, and I distract myself from piles of homework with looking up flight information... Not good, I know, but a girl can dream, right?

  2. Wow that really sounds exciting! Anything related to traveling sounds exciting to me! :-)


  3. Now you'll have a whole year of day-dreaming bliss! Whenever you have a bad day, just think of your awesome travel plans :)

    Yes, this IS exciting news!

  4. woohoo, a light at the end of the tunnel! sometimes that's just what we need : )

    let me know if you're visiting Oregon, maybe I can show you around a bit!

  5. I think that sounds like such a great idea! I would love to travel through all 50 states... now wouldn't that be a trip of a lifetime?! wowza. loving your blog.

  6. Great time to go!!! School is in (no annoying youngins everywhere!) and it is not too hot but not super cold yet (it is starting to get VERY cold here now in Nov).

    Can't wait to hear where you are planning to go and of course I can probably be of some help along the way :D


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